Academics Skill: Spotty
Sports Skill: Mastery
Favorite Foods: Barbecued Pork, Coffee
Blood Type: AB
Animal: Tiger
Age: 16

Impious, the Chair of the Athletics Committee, is a jock and a bully, inheritor of the weapons of Lord Entropy, and master of the sports clubs of School. She holds to the maxim of "No Pain, No Gain", and hopes to create the people who will birth a new world in the fires of her devastation.

Character Sheet

Arc: Knave of Hearts 3


  • Arsenal 3: You control the Arsenal that the first Lord of Evil spent centuries assembling.
  • Unnecessarily Complex Plans 2: You're quite good at putting together plans that are way more complex than they need to be.
  • Master of Every Sport 2: You are just great at sports.
  • Student Council Member 1: You're also a decently organized Chair of the Athletics Committee.


  • The Arsenal of Lord Entropy: This is an accessory owned by Impious. Given time and access to School, you have a pool of 3 Miraculous Will that she can use with her Arsenal Skill.
  • Bond: No Pain, No Gain (2): You really, really believe this.
  • Shine 3 [From Powers; see below]

Miraculous Powers: Knave of Hearts

The Mythos of Impious: "I am the villain that gives rise to heroes." Impious is the inheritor of the will of Lord Entropy, and his desire to remake the world.

As long as you are on the Knave of Hearts Arc, you have access to Frantic, allowing you to Be In Trouble when you face your enemies, and recover MP.

The Mask of Impious

When you don your special paintball mask, you become Impious, the villainous Athletics Committee Chair, and the world gets a little bit weirder. This allows you to retroactively declare minor deathtraps, make the people opposing you look a little bit cooler, and make your own followers a little more faceless. These changes are ultimately cosmetic - your deathtraps won't hurt anyone unless you put actual time into them, and your minions aren't [i]actually[/i] faceless - but they tend to function as a Level 3 Magical Intention to make the world appear a little more like the grandiose confrontations that you prefer.


You have a knack for looking at people and things, and seeing how they fit into your plans and your goals. With a glance, you can tell who is likely to stand up as a hero, who is merely a groveling flunky, and who is simply unsuited for any kind of heroic confrontation. You can also usually tell at a glance how dangerous or likely to succeed your own absurdly convoluted plans are (the answer is usually "very" and "not very", in order, which you don't mind.)

If a Miracle is obscuring these facts, your gaze has Strike 3 to oppose it. On the other hand, you can get lost in planning; when studying people, you have a Level 1 Obstacle to make out ordinary details of the world.

The Master of Minions

You shape your useless followers into very useful followers. You have a free Level 3 Shine Perk.

I'll Be Watching You

You have a way of inserting yourself into the spirit of heroes, to guide them to oppose you. Over the course of a few minutes, you can choose any of your enemies or minions who are in Horizon with you (or wherever you happen to be), and share your spirit with them. This imposes an Obstacle 3 to perceive with your nomal senses, so you tend to do it while not masked.

Largely, this just allows you to see what they're up to - walk a mile in their shoes, gather information about their plans against you, just enjoy their hatred of you. Whatever. If they're a minor NPC you can generally narrate what they're doing, whereas if they're a major NPC you probably just watch, and if they're a PC you definitely just watch.

By spending 2 MP, you can find someone not in your current Region, or sift through the experiences of all of your minions and foes at once to see what everyone is doing. You do this periodically, just to keep tabs on people.


You have a +1 Tool bonus to Connection skills with all of your minions and enemies, and they have the same Tool bonus with you. This is a permanent power.

The Rules of the Game

You follow three simple rules in your life. Almost everything else is up for grabs, but these rules must be followed:

  • No Pain, No Gain
  • Always Have A Backup Plan
  • Never Show Weakness

Normally, these are just aspirational goals, but you may spend 1 MP to transform one of the above into a Level 3 Affliction that surrounds you, forcibly true for the scene. Activating the same rule a second time in a given chapter is free.

We Were Made For Each Other

Sometimes you just find the perfect enemy, or the perfect flunky, and you just can't let them walk away. When this happens, you can spend 1 MP, and choose one of the following:

  • Bind one of your Rules to them, giving them that Affliction as long as you sustain this power. Afterwards, it will remain a general truth about them, or
  • Transform them enough to fit in your Mythos; make a weak-willed person into a loyal flunky, or allow a person to discover the untapped heroism they never knew that they had, or maybe reveal that a sprinkler system is actually a deathtrap in disguise. This only works to a point; the transformation has to be reasonable.

Not You. Never You.

Alternately, by spending 2 MP, you can reject someone from your story, declaring them unworthy of your time and effort. This does one of two things:

  • Rejects one of your Rules from them, either removing that Affliction, or creating Obstacles that would oppose that sort of action (for example, Obstacles that tear apart someone's backup plans to force them to stick with their first ideas), or
  • Remove someone or something from the world of grandiose heroic battles and villainous plots, allowing a minion to return to normal life, a hero to put down their cape, or a deathtrap to just be a nice sprinkler system. You don't actually decide what they become, you just declare them no longer a part of your world.

My Grand Design (Major)

Your final, greatest power allows you to write a person's destiny into yours. It functions similarly to We Were Made For Each Other, but the power is far more expansive - you can specify any fate or role that fits within your narrative of Heroes Against Villains for anyone or anything that you meet. A protoype computer system comes alive and becomes a monstrous AI. A shy, mild-mannered teen is infected with a virus and becomes a monstrous superhero. A student returns home to learn that ogres ate her father, and she must take up his sword and avenge him.

This power has the strength of a minor wish; it inflicts a Deadly Wound on those who resist it, and its power is that of a Major Miracle only as long as you sustain it. When you release it, it tends to fade into mundane coincidences and Obstacles, releasing whatever your grand design of the day is.

This power costs you 4 MP each time that you wish to use it.

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