Ichirou Tanaka

The Diligent/Magical Hero

There was a series of magic acts that knew no beginning or end, for it was pulled from the substrate of existence. It wished to know wonder, but it could not captivate its audience without turning them into further and further acts.

Ichirou Tanaka sought to debunk it with the help of his siblings, knowing that the Endless Act was true magic. Still, the narrative they wielded was so compelling that they somehow captivated their target instead. Fulfilled at last, the Endless Act locked itself away in Ichirou's heart.

This is how he came to the Gentleman's attention.

Ichirou Tanaka

Academic Ability: Decent
Athletic Ability: Workhorse
Blood Type: A
Favorite Food: Jerky and Sandwiches
Age: 15-16
Animal: ???

Mortal Skills

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Magic Skill: Set the Stage 3 - Ichirou is good at constructing and revealing important showpieces.

  • Mortal Technique 0 -
    • Draw Attention to Yourself.
    • Prestidigitation
  • Mortal Technique 1
    • Basic construction, engineering, or rigging.
  • Magical Technique 1
    • Summon a spotlight on a target with no discernible light source.
    • Introduce or Wave Away a piece of stagecraft or set piece about the size of a handheld item (up to a bat or sword).
  • Magical Technique 2
    • Dim the Lights, even on a clear day.
    • Introduce or Wave Away a piece of stagecraft or set piece about the size of a small animal or person.
  • Magical Technique 3
    • Introduce or Wave Away a piece of stagecraft or set piece about the size of a small vat or tank or car.

Rough and Tumble 2 - Ichirou is good in scrapes and dangerous situations.
Bluff 2 - Ichirou can keep his true intentions or actions hidden.
"Seriously, this is a bad idea." 1 - Ichirou can convince himself or someone else that something is bad idea.
??? 1

Spider Tanaka Skills

Trade out Bluff 2 and "Seriously, this is a bad idea." 1 for

Superior Physical Control 2
Wall-Climbing 1


  • Power-Up Perk - Ichirou has an extension on his Devour power that lets him absorb any mythos that he has managed to debunk. Using A Former Life allows him to draw on that thing's rumored abilities.
  • Magical Technique - As an Obstacle 2 Technique, Ichirou can enact impressive feats of construction or engineering, only for the results to fall apart at the end of the scene.
  • Connection 1: Holly Stark - Your first fan?
  • Alternate Identity - Spider Tanaka
  • TBD
  • TBD
  • TBD
  • TBD

Relationships and Otherwise

In Ichirou's story, Ichirou sought help from his three siblings to take on the Endless Act. Together they put on a sort of counter performance meant to prove the Endless Act's performances were not magic. Ichirou built the tricks, Hiroko presented and organized the performance, Yelena and Gene were performers.

  • Hiroko Tanaka (2nd oldest sibling, eldest daughter): Generally considered the golden child among her family and peers in the Mercantile Club, she usually bails them out of Glass Spider's shenanigans. She often gets tired of the pedestal and retreats to do her own things for herself.
  • Yelena Tanaka (third oldest sibling, youngest daughter): Yelena's gotten tired of receiving hand-me-downs from both of her older siblings. She enjoys scrounging around for odd materials and making all kinds of things for herself. She's starting her own campaign as student president and is the head of the DIY Fashion Club.
  • "Gene" Tanaka (Youngest child/son): Gene is absurdly hyper-competitive, challenging all siblings, especially Hiroko with Ichirou a close second, to contests that neither of them are particularly suited to. Otherwise found in the boxing clubs.

Miraculous Arcs and Powers

Visionary 3 (Forays into Magic and Occultism)

Magician's Intuition (Sense Falsehood, Strike = Visionary = 3)

  • Ichirou's history with magic and magic tricks let him spot when things don't add up in an extended situation, particularly false worlds and hauntings. This is how he discerns between a ghost and a projection or a supernatural ghost town and merely a mass hallucination.

Magic: Set the Stage (Magical or Superior Skill)

A Demonstration (Illusions of Emptiness, Miraculous Action)

  • Bolster a mundane action to convince someone things aren't adding up.

Tools of the Trade (Blessings, Imperial Action)

  • 0 MP—1-2x/book, conceptualize one or more new blessings
  • 2 MP—conceptualize a new blessing
  • 4 MP—generate a new blessing for immediate sale
  • When you encounter or are presented with a problem, you ponder it via your own processes. Within 0-3 Chapters you can come up with a little tool or magic trinket.
  • For 1 MP:
    • a +1 Tool bonus for something specialized
    • a +2 Tool bonus for something niche
    • a specialized and straightforward miracle (one use)
  • For 2 MP
    • a +1 Tool bonus for something useful
    • a +2 Tool bonus for something specialized
    • a specialized, complex miracle (one use)
    • an extremely niche effect (endless)
  • For 4 MP:
    • a +2 Tool for something useful
    • a cool, practical one-use ability
  • Ichirou can maintain 8 of these blessings + or - 1 for each HL lost or gained.

I'll Need an Assistant (Devour, Imperial Miracle, Miraculous Action)

  • 0 MP—1/book, with some setup, enlighten 1-2 disciples/clones/servitors
  • 1 MP—with some setup, enlighten a third or later entity this book
  • 2 MP—with some setup, have a 1-2-chapter outbreak that enlightens multiple targets
  • 4 MP—have a 1-2-chapter outbreak without obvious lead-in
  • Ichirou can fill someone or something with his particular brand of wonder, making them an assistant to his act and adventures. This is usually restricted to people with similar skills to himself, but he can add an Alternate Identity Perk to his character sheet to use the abilities of someone he's Devoured.

Grand Performance (Incantations, Miraculous Action)

  • 0 MP, 1/chapter, use an advanced technique.
  • 2 MP, do so a second or later time per chapter.
  • Ichirou has two advanced Techniques based on his Magic Skill, which he can perform with a +3 Tool bonus (or overcome a +0-2 Obstacle to use as a mundane action)

The Deadly Stage of the Endless Act (Technique 1)

  • Incantation: "I open my heart to a realm of true magic! In our Endless Act we seek to defy our deaths! The stage is set!"
  • Description: Ichirou summons the stage of the Endless Act, riddled with various traps and dangers.

Masterful Escape Hatch Art (Technique 2)

  • Incantation: "By my craft, the world takes shape. By my hands, I will elude pursuit! The stage is set!"
  • Description: Ichirou almost instantly creates an escape passage for him and a significant-sized object.

A Former Life (Activate, Miraculous Action)

  • 1 MP
  • Ichirou can waive away any feasibility constraints (and retain Edge) that he would not have faced had he never encountered the Gentleman and his world. Mostly, without Devour or Established History, this makes it easier to interact with or get help and resources from his old friends in the various Crafts and Labors clubs.

Tales of the Gentleman (Established History, Imperial Action)

  • 0 MP—invoke Established History, 1-2x/book
  • 4 MP—invoke this power a third or later time per book
  • Ichirou can spin a 1-2 sentence yarn about himself, his Gentleman Persona, or the original Gentleman, and the world will conform itself to the story if feasible as a wish effect.

Specialist 0 (The Gentleman's Craft)

Exploits of Masked and Magic Heroes (Initiate of the Hidden World)

  • 4 MP—awaken to a hidden truth for the first time
  • no cost—shelter the hidden world from uninitiated eyes
  • The behind the scenes of magic acts and heroic exploits are obscured from the eyes of the public. While Ichirou is not yet initiated into this world, his own work preparing for his acts of heroism and magic have a level 2 Obstacle to discovering them.

Specialty: TBD (Specialty, Superior or Magical Skill)

XP And Quests

Emotion XP: Place Your Faith in Ichirou/The Gentleman

Basic Quest

Wonder Working
XP: 4/9
Any-Time Melodramatic

Ichirou reacts to seeing someone in the dumps by rolling up his sleeves and trying a magic trick.

Specialist 1

0/60 XP
0/3-5 Quests

Story of Your Life
XP: 16/21

You’re working — probably on a big project. Something that matters. You’re living your life.

Look ahead a bit to see where this quest ends — unless it’s the end of the campaign, in which case you can fade off into the metaphorical sunset, this quest is going to end with the thing that breaks the comfortable, ordinary routines of your life, which is normally the next big quest in this or some other Arc.

5 XP Actions

  • you make peace with a recent setback where you lost a few days of work.
  • you’re unexpectedly shy, vulnerable, or open with someone.
  • you have a vision of magic in some thing, place, person, or work, which you might one day be able to bring out.

1/Chapter Actions

  • admiring the construction and atmosphere of Fortitude, often while softly lit, obscured by fog, and/or with something weird or unnatural nearby
    • Substitute: Admiring the craft and technique of another student in the Magicians Club.
  • enjoying the softness of fur, plush grass, carpet, fleece, etc.
  • having trouble because your clothing’s a bit too big for you
  • trying and failing to hide your identity
  • working, involving slightly larger-than-life or magical incidents
  • working, involving simple, honest effort
  • talking about your progress on some project and its positive or negative effects on the local environment

Quest Miracle: An Inevitable Encounter (Mystic 0 or 3)
XP: 6/9

There’s something going on. You think it means… you think it… it relates to…

"This inevitable confrontation with Billy Quinn."

You can earn a bonus XP towards this quest at any time (though only once per scene/15 minutes) by declaring that you can feel the touch of it, the thing, the it, the miracle, the strangeness, the dissociation, the unnameable, the it, the thing.

Mutable Stats

Will: 8/8
MP: 7/5


  • It Never Stops! 3 - Just hang on a little longer. A little longer, and it’ll all be over.

Health Levels:

  • Normal:
  • Normal:
  • Tough:
  • Divine:
  • Divine:


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