Holly Stark

The Reporter
A character in the On The Horizon campaign.

Academics Skill: Spotty
Sports Skill: Poor
Favorite Foods: Apples, Beef Strips
Blood Type: A
Animal: Ox
Age: 15


  • Normal Health: 2/2
  • Tough Health: 1/1
  • Divine Health: 2/2
  • Will: 8
  • Miraculous Will 3
  • MP: 6


  • Journalism 2 - You are very good at hunting down information.
  • Obscure Knowledge 2 - You have a strong knowledge of School library material.
  • Goldberg Machines 2 - You like to put together dubiously complicated traps and tools.
  • Cooking 1 - You're actually a decent cook.
  • Superior Deductions 1 - You have a knack for just plain guessing the solutions to riddles and mysteries.


  • Bond: I Make Unlikely Friends [2] - You are good at making friends, but only in strange circumstances. (This bond is the same level as your Creature of the Light Arc.)
  • Affliction: The Great Detective [0] - When you get tied up inside your own head, you find that your problems connect to external events and make them solvable. (This Affliction is the same level as your Complex issue.)
  • Skill: Shine [2] - Holly is the sort of person that you want to help out.
  • Connection: The Gentleman [1] - he intrigues you!
  • Connection: Edony [1] - She is an old friend/rival, and the newest member of your reporting team! The only member of your reporting team. It's a thing.


  • Calling 1 - You feel like there’s something you need to do, but you’re not sure what.


Miraculous Abilities: Creature of the Light [2]

Immortal [Arc, Major]

As long as you remain on this Arc, the challenges that you face never really stop you. Damage and enchantment has only temporary effects on you, and you may spend 1 MP once or twice a scene to shrug off harm. 2 MP lets you shrug off everything coming at you for a scene, and 4 MP lets you be immune to everything.

Your immortality is Coincidental, though. It's not obvious - you can safely run through a burning building without inhaling smoke, but if you set yourself on fire, you're going to burn your arm pretty badly. If there's even a faint way to explain how you avoided harm, even a one-in-ten-million chance, you will be fine. If not, you're going to get wounded normally.


You have access to a pool of miraculous Will which you can use however you need.

Well-Lit [Imperial]

You always have access to perfect lighting, even in impossible situations. [Cost: 0 MP]

Freedom Of The Press [Imperial]

You may invoke Freedom of the Press to protect yourself from the influence of miracles or the Outside. This gives your mundane actions an Autocritas of 2. Protecting 1-2 actions mid-scene is free; an entire Intention costs 1 MP, protecting yourself and all your actions costs 2 MP, and doing so instantly costs 4 MP.

Interview [Major]

You can miraculously transport yourself to anyone you have a Connection to. This takes a few minutes and can only happen once a chapter. You can spend 1 MP to do it a second or further times, and 4 MP to appear as quickly as needed.


When you start explaining a story or investigation, delivering accusations or telling people how a crime was committeed, you can keep from being interrupted. No one will run away, or attack you, or make fun of your conclusions, or notice your friend breaking into their office to steal a copy of the school's pets-in-class policy (just a purely hypothetical example). They'll be paying attention to you exclusively.

You can only do this once per book for free; using it additional times costs you 4 MP.

Breaking News

Your words have an incredible emotional impact. You can use Breaking News to either blame someone, or tell them about something terrible or amazing, and they will become obsessed with your story. If your attack defeats them, you can sketch out exactly what the impact is; otherwise, they can define how the wound affects them. You can do this once per chapter for free; using it a second time costs 1 MP, and using it multiple times within a few hours costs 2 MP.

Leading Questions [Imperial]

When you're talking to someone, you can use leading questions and sudden pieces of information to trigger an emotional flashback within them, related to the questions that you're asking. If they don't take an IC action with Obstacle 2, their feelings and opinions become obvious (and are emoted by the player or HG), giving you insight into their feelings and their past (especially if you've got an Intention of your own up).

You can do this once per chapter for free; using it a second time costs 1 MP, and using it multiple times within a few hours costs 2 MP.

Miraculous Abilities: Accursed [1]

You have been through a very hard time. It hurt your soul, and left you in a place where you sometimes distrust the truth of the world, and retreat from it.

The News Room [Major]

You happen to have an old, slightly run-down club room at the highest floor of one level of School. You know all the shortcuts to get there; you can climb any staircase for at least three stories, and turn, and open a door, and find yourself back in your news room. This is a little odd, but you don't really think about it much. It's just kind of convenient. If you're outside the world, or miraculous barriers are in play, there's a Level 2 Auctoritas blocking your ability to just go here.

Anyone else can get to your news room by the normal way, of course - just climbing six flights of stairs in the north-west corner of the maze of school corridors at School. The door is generally locked, but they can knock, or pick the lock, or whatever.


You have one extra MP.

Solace In Research [Affliction, based on Sickness]

Sometimes, it all just gets to be too much. You're doing better, but you're not really recovered, and never will be, and there are times when you just want to retreat and be alone. When this happens, you fall back to your newsroom, and lose yourself in writing and lonely research.

Whenever you have the Sickness issue, you start to become hollow and quiet. At first, it's just a tendency to not be quite as outgoing and loud, but as the issue builds, you become more and more mechanical and less emotional, like a wind-up doll whose gears are running down. The colors wash out of your clothes and skin, turning you into more of a black-and-white photo, and eventually you just have to leave.

If you have any points of Sickness, and you also run out of MP, either someone has to use a powerful miracle (Strike at least equal to your Sickness) to help you, or you have a total emotional collapse, or else you run back to your newsroom until you recover at least one MP.

Since you started recovering, this doesn't happen so often any more. You don't get sick in the same way so often. But it's always hovering over your shoulder, and if you get sick or corrupted it will re-assert itself.

It's Just A Trick [Bleak]

You don't believe in the truth of the world, and you have mystical backing about that. When you're faced with something or someone impressive, dangerous, or just annoying, you can angrily or haughtily explain why it isn't real, and -

it isn't.

That's not a giant bat with a blood-stained mouth, it's just a wind-up toy with a bit of an illusion over it. You aren't facing the ghost of Mrs. Grundy, it's just an old movie projected onto a screen. Your friend wasn't shot - it was just raspberry juice and a toy gun!

You can remove the reality from mundane objects, actions, or occasionally people, but your denial isn't really strong enough to affect miraculous actions. And it's worth remembering that this isn't actually retroactive, it just seems to be - if you turn a giant fire bat who was nesting in a local church into a weather balloon, the church roof is still going to be on fire (at least until you explain how the fire is really just confetti raining on the breeze).

You can do this once a book for free. Using it a second time in a book costs 1 MP, using it more than once per chapter costs 2 MP, and using it more than once in a few hours costs 4 MP.

Recovering MP

  • Once per week
  • When a Bond gets me in trouble
  • When I spend a week diligently honoring a Bond or Region Property


  • People must accept what is happening around them as normal.
  • People must have some reason to worry.
  • Each person in the School must experience exactly three events between classes.
  • You can never experience the “middle” of a class unless extremely bored.
  • Teachers must be obsessive, delusional, or wicked.
  • People must have school spirit unless recently hurt or bullied.
  • There must be delinquents, bullies, and cliques.

These region properties function as level 2 Bonds

  • Masks are extremely effective disguises
  • Turning into a giant snake will not help

These Conventions function as level 2 Afflictions


  • Accursed (1)
  • Creature of the Light (2)
  • Current Arc: Creature of the Light (2-3)

Arc XP: 15/60
Free XP: 0

XP Actions (0/2 Used)

  • Emotion XP: Facepalm
  • Genre: Techno [Sympathetic Action, Discovery, Foreshadowing]

Basic Quest: Fearless Reporter (Blue)

5 out of 9 XP

You're always looking to uncover stories, solve mysteries, and generally explain the world in a way that your readers will be able to understand. You're actually pretty good at it, which is why it's such a shame that you leap to conclusions so often.

Whenever you monologue, either to yourself or other students, about how a wildly unlikely and complicated explanation for a situation is the only possible solution, whether that explanation is right or not (it usually isn't), you can claim 1 XP. You should generally continue believing that explanation until it's really obvious that you were wrong.

Arc 2: Hiring Blitz

3 out of 18 XP

You need to face the truth. The school newspaper is dramatically understaffed, and it needs new people pronto. This means finding funding sources, hiring writers and photographers, and generally transforming the paper from this little thing that you and Edony do into a real political force at School. Here goes nothing!

3 XP Actions [0/3]:

  • You properly hire on a new member of the School Newspaper.
  • Three IC chapters pass with no discernible progress on hiring. (1/3)

You can earn either of these bonuses repeatedly, up to a total of 9 XP.

1 XP/Chapter Actions

  • You narrate your impression of a PC or Main Character as a newspaper blurb.
  • You drag other Main Characters into your quest-related activities/investigations
  • You grandstand about your reasons for being on this quest
  • You talk with somebody about your dreams for the future
  • You get hurt emotionally by somebody somehow involved in the story of this Arc

Side Quest: Picking Up The Pieces

7 out of 15 XP

You're coming out of a long, dark period. You lost most of your friends, you were hard on your mom, and just generally you were very unhappy for a while. Now, you're trying to move on. You're recovering, reconnecting, making new friends and lighting up again, bit by bit. You're trying to be the person you remember having been again, and you think you can make it.

3 XP Actions:

  • Someone comforts you in a time of need
  • You break your rules or patterns in a big way to show someone a kindness or take them under your wing.
  • You absorb some power, force, place, or energy into yourself.

You can earn up to two of these bonuses, once each, for a total of up to 6 XP.

1 XP/Chapter Actions

  • talk with someone about the things you’ve lost
  • feed leftover meat to a stray dog
  • have a kind of over-the-top day at the newspaper
  • tell someone the stories of your childhood detective work
  • show someone a secret you've discovered

Completed Quests

  • None

Chapter Reminders

Arc Plan (Tentative)

  • Arc 1: (15) The School Election - COMPLETE
  • Arc 2: (18) Hiring Blitz! - In Progress
  • Arc 3: (12) (This Is Such A Bad Idea?)
  • Sidequest: (15) Picking up the Pieces - In Progress

Power Tracker

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[size=1]Facepalm XP
Shine 2; Will 8/8; Miraculous Will 1/3; MP 6/6[/size]
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