Glass Spider

Head of the Finance Committee

Academics Skill: Exceptional
Sports Skill: Shut Up
Favorite Foods: Bento boxes, Jasmine tea
Blood Type: O
Animal: Boar
Age: 15

You are Glass Spider, the head of the Student Council's Finance Committee. Years ago, as you slept, the Dreams of Lord Entropy passed into you - or perhaps, years ago, you were born fully-fledged from Lord Entropy's dreams as he died. Are you merely a vessel for his power, or are you a unique person touched by his greatness?

Either way, it hardly matters. You dream of a world in which everyone knows their place, controlled by yourself, of course. A world that follows logic and doesn't have room for all of the chaos and failure and selfishness you see every day. You believe in laws. In finance. In the power of a soulless perfection.

Character Sheet

Arc: Alchemist 3


  • Soulless Artisan 3: You are exceptional at ruthless but beautiful plans
  • Finance 2: You understand this stuff.
  • Obsessive Need For Control 2: You are in control.
  • Superior Dreamer 1: You even control your own dreams.


  • Accessory: The School Budget. You have complete control over club and special event budgets. This gives you a pool of 3 Miraculous Will to manipulate events by controlling their finances.
  • Bond: Overly Complicated Plans: Impious may work with them, but you live them. This is not always a good thing.

Miraculous Powers: Alchemist [3]

Your experience are Goals - you draw long-term plans and desires out of people, as you reshape them to divert their goals into your own. You do this largely by manifesting supernatural contracts for people to sign.

Your curse are the Dreams of Lord Entropy. No matter how well you do, how much progress you make, you can only ever see how far you fell short, how much time you wasted, how much, in short, that you failed.

As long as you are on Alchemist, you are Frantic; you can Be In Trouble frequently, and gain MP to power your abilities.

The Mask of Glass Spider (Imperial)$

You are always working. Always. Wherever you are, you create the Region Property, "Glass Spider is advancing his plots." Technically, this power should not persist when you remove your mask, becoming a normal student and vanishing into the crowd. But who has time to remove their mask these days?

Mystical Contracts

You have the ability to draft binding contracts, forcing people to change their own goals to do the work you demand of them. You may do this once per chapter for free, and spend 2 MP to do it again.

The contract that you mystically create in this way contains all of a person's goals and plans, and by rewriting it and convincing them to sign it, you can change what those goals and plans are. Generally, this involves you promising something (usually money) in exchange for these changes. If people sign these contracts, you can control them. If they do not, you can always rip the contract up, returning their goals to them.

Unsigned contracts hanging around leaves people kind of confused and aimless for a while.


By studying a contract, you can learn what the person it's connected to is doing right now, and even communicate with them. The contract does not have to be signed for this to happen. This typically involves using your Soulless Artisan skill with an Obstacle of 2, but you can spend 1 MP to waive that Obstacle.

That said, you are spiritually present when you're messing with someone through a contract, and with the right magic, you can absolutely be affected by things that are affecting them. Words on the page can twist your mind, or reach into your soul.

Your vessels don't normally take their own actions while you're doing this, but if they're main characters, they can.


Fulfilling contracts is surprisingly cathartic. When you're using your miracles on people, including manipulating them through contracts, you can declare an emotional burden to free them from, or an emotional high you want to bring to its peak. The result is that people can claim a catharsis and recover 2 MP, or 2 Will. You can do this twice a book, in different chapters, or spend 2 MP to do it extra times per book, or 4 MP to do it multiple times in a chapter.

The result is that, even though you're manipulative and arrogant and kind of a jerk, people actually like working for you. It makes them feel better about themselves.

Calling In Favours

You've signed a lot of contracts over the years. Like, a lot. You can generally declare that you have a dozen or so students or faculty members of School bound to you whenever you need a group of people to do your bidding.

Or, for 4 MP, you can expand your scope, and declare that you have contractors across all of Horizon, enough to terrorize or protect the whole Region. While doing this, you waive the normal Obstacle to work through your contractors, and your actions have Cool 2. Most of these contracts are specifically for a single task or event, though, so once you call in your credit, those people are free from your control, and go back to their normal lives.


You can transfer your financial control to others by giving away contracts. You can choose a contractor, spend 2 MP, and declare that they have a new job, or that their current job or passion is going to take them away to a Region of your choice for a while. If the target feels that the job you've defined is wildly inappropriate for them, they can take a Serious Wound to quit and go work somewhere else instead, redefining the effect.

Transfers create a Convention that the person in question is part of the job in question, miraculously smoothing over problems and giving them minor job skills and knowledge.

Learn From Your Employees

You can also draw on a contract directly, developing skills and powers based on the person you signed it with. This costs you 2 MP, and lets you gain 3 Edge in an otherwise fair contest, or unleash a miraculous version of a mundane action, provided that you have an appropriate Contract to steal skills and powers from.

Extend the Moment (Bleak)

When you're taking actions using your contractors, you can extend an instant moment such as manifesting the contract or claiming a favour to seem to last several seconds or minutes, as they consider the implications of what you are doing. You can offer your contractor a Suffer Trauma, Suffer Corruption, or Transformation action, and if they choose to take it, they also gain 1 MP.

Letter of Recommendation (Imperial)

It is within your power to unilateraly modify contracts, in order to define not just what your contractors will do, but how it will result. You append a note to the contract about your expecatations for its conclusion, and spend 4 MP, and those expectations take the form of a wish, i.e. "I wish they would meet that fate".

You can only do this once per contractor, and someone else who knows of their fate can spend 4 MP, or resolve an Issue, in order to snap them free of it, restoring their life's goals to them.

You can do this once per chapter for free, or again for 2 MP.

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