Ephraim Sargail

Basic Info

Name: Ephraim Sargail
Academic: Book smart
Athletic: Frail and weak
Blood Type: Rider
Favorite Food: Licorice
Animal: Hedgehog

A frail PC aged kid, Rider exchange student. He wishes to show strength, to show the people of Town the strength of the Bleak Academy, but he is terribly weak to light, especially sunlight and overall pretty meek and easily depressed. He will try to look strong, but it's mostly a front.
It will be hard for him, living in the world of light.


(Magical) Shadowcrafting 3
Playing my flute 2
Superior Stealth 2
"What doesn't kill you just makes you stronger." 1
Like the moth to the flame - 1

Advancement Arcs

Emptiness (Accursed) 0

Curse: The light… it hurts
Sanctuary Entrance: Stepping through a shadow
Entrance for others: Stepping through your shadow

Bond: I craft marvelous things out of shadows. 2
Affliction: My music must evoke feelings of melancholy. 1

Quests & Stuff

XP Emotion: Awww!

Basic Quest:
I can stand among them, in the light. / … but it will burn me to cinders, in the end.

Emptiness 1 Quest: The Object (My Flute)
It's hard. Living in a world with a sun. But playing on my flute calms me down.

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