Entropy II

The Dream-Witch of Fortitude


You were born from a terrible dream.

Your father was the King of all Evil, master of an evil island and lord of the darkness in the human heart. But he loved the world, and he fought to preserve it, or at least failed to fight to destroy it. To be honest, you aren't entirely sure what he did. What you know is that he found a seed of goodness inside himself, and that seed blossomed into a shard of magic glass, and it destroyed him from within, and that seed became you.

Or, he took a shard of glass from a dragon that sought to destroy the world, and which shattered, and he poured all of his darkness into that shard until it became you, and in the process he drained himself away and died.

You don't know. You never knew him, not really. You weren't complete when he was still alive. What you do know is that there is a shard of glass within your head, and that shard is surrounded by a shell made up of Evil, and the constrast between the two has left you a dangerous creature, but one that may yet have a hope of redemption. You know that you are something evil, but you believe that such an evil can have a purpose.

The downside to being a construct of glass and shadows, of course, is that you have a lot of fragments of other peoples' knowledges and dreams inside you. You remember the glass-maker who first forged the glass shard in the core of your being. He knows you, now, since you moved into his Archive part-time. You can't quite bring yourself to tell him your past, though, although sometimes you suspect that he already knows.

You have taken to travelling into the dreams of the people of Fortitude - smoothing out their fears and bolstering their hopes. They wake refreshed, aware only that a strange witch is haunting the edges of their thoughts. Your dream-mask protects your identity during these expeditions, and has given you the title of the Dream-Witch of Fortitude.

You are not, however, the only fragment of your father. Lord Entropy may have put many plans in place to replace himself, or perhaps he was simply too vast to be easily absorbed by your glass shard. For whatever reason, there are other fragments of Entropy within School and on your father's Evil Island. Eventually, you will have to face this fragments, and take charge of them. You just… you aren't quite ready yet. Maybe you aren't sure you want to be a Lord of Evil. Maybe you just want to see if you can work with the only other people in existence that can understand you.[/sblock]

Skills and Arc

Arc: Accursed 2
A Keeper of Gardens 1
Current Arc: A Keeper of Gardens 1+
Emotion XP: Shiver of Wonder


  • A Map in Your Head 2. You’ve an eerie sense for how places are laid out.
  • Crafts 2. You can fix or build a lot of things. You're particularly good with machines and glass.
  • Alertness 1. You're good at spotting things that aren't quite right.
  • Superior Land-Rule 1. You’re generally safe within your realms.
  • Superior Magister 1. You’re not quite human.
  • Superior Dreamer 1. You’re a lucid dreamer, and good at coping with strange things.


  • Accessory: Dream-Mask. Your mystical dream-mask is a part of you, and you may use it to travel into the dreams of others from your own. You can only travel through the dreams of people with whom you have a Connection, or who are present in your gardens.
  • It's Like A Home To Me: Hideo's Archive [+1 Autocritas vs. the Outside]
  • It's Like A Home To Me: The Dreams of Fortitude [+1 Tool to breathe freely]
  • It's Like A Home To Me: School [As per Entropy's Perk]
  • Connection: The Wishing Boy (3)
  • Connection: Hideo Hayate (1)

Miraculous Powers: Accursed

You are a creature built of shadow and glass, and this darkness within you has many manifestations:

A Hidden Land

You remain the owner of the Evil Island, your father's old spawning ground for monsters and terrors. Sometimes, when facing the world is too much, you hide out in that island, protecting yourself. You can recover MP while within this sanctuary, and when you have 5 MP again you may emerge, ready to take up your mantle once again. When this happens, the glass in your mind becomes vaguely visible until you are filled with magical doubt, or you spend back down to 4 MP.

Most people have trouble reaching the Evil Island; it floats high in the sky, and rarely touches down. However, you may call it to yourself whenever you are standing in a wide-open area and have a few minutes to pull it to yourself. Others can even use its MP-gaining abilities, but there is a very real chance that the monsters of the land will harm them.

MP Bonus

You have an additional 2 MP, taking you up to 7 total MP.

Blood of Evil

Blood drips from your hands; you think it is a sign of the cuts made by the glass within you, welling out. Perhaps, if you were complete, it would stop.

Normally, those touched by your blood find that it infects their dreams, turning them slightly darker or nightmarish. You can use it in concentrated forms as a hallucinogen, or send people into nightmare-touched sleep that you can briefly access. You may invoke your blood as a Bond to destroy or corrupt dreams or plant ideas in the backs of people's minds, or enhance any dream-shaping miracles by adding Strike to them. When this blood adds misery to your life, you can invoke it to recover 2 Will or MP.

Once per week, however, you can really make things get bad. You may cast away anything touched by your blood - either directly against its existence, or against some facet of its existence such as an emotion, weight, or the like - to cause that thing to collapse and become nothing more than a dream. Touch a grieving mother, and her sorrow may fade away, to return only in the depths of the night as she sleeps (or, you could cause her to vanish from the world, to haunt the dreams of her loved ones). Things turned into dreams usually warp and fade until they cease to exist, but that's not always the case.

Also, you don't know how to turn a dream back into something real, and you're not totally sure about how well you can actually control your power. It's a little terrifying, really. Especially since your blood drips from your hands on a regular basis…

Casting something into dreams more than once per week costs 1 MP, using it twice within a few hours costs 2 MP, and using it twice in rapid succession costs 4 MP.


You were made from glass shards and the Lord of Evil, but you aren't quite finished. You don't recover MP each chapter, and whenever an effect causes a wound against you, you lose 1 MP. If this makes you run out of MP, you must retreat to the Evil Island to recover.

Who You Must Be

Your destiny is driving you to be Lord Entropy, whatever you might wish. Whenever you have any points of the Sickness Issue, your nature as the King of Evil rises within you. At first, there are minor side-effects to your attempts to be kind; small curses that follow in your wake, little hurts you couldn't expect. At Sickness 3, this becomes much worse; you cannot do good deeds without bringing an equal measure of harm to someone else, and if you try, your deeds will rebound on others in unpredictable ways.

Sometimes, when something is trying to prevent you from being the King of Evil, Who You Must Be will actually help you, and when you get in trouble following it you can immediately gain MP (but that MP must be used, or it'll vanish at the end of the scene.)

Miraculous Powers: A Keeper Of Gardens

You've recently branched out beyond your dark heritage, and tried to start finding ways to channel your powers for good, taking over the stewardship of the dreams of Town. This is giving you some advantages:


You can't be killed, or really taken out of action in general.

Your Gardens

You can claim a Garden with a perk, giving you advantages within it.

The World, Like Clay

When you are within the dreams of the city, you can shape them, turning a nightmare calm or whipping a dream into a frenzy. Within Horizon, you may also affect the physical matter of your School, shaping it as if it were merely a dream the students are experiencing. These re-shapings are real, and total.

Normally you may only reshape your gardens by hand, but once per season you may reshape a large area at once. Doing this repeatedly costs 4 MP per use.

The Great Magic

You are incomplete, and so are your worlds. But over time, that may change. You may wound a Divine health level to create a region property for one of your gardens; these wounds typically recover after a few months.


You are growing into the role of King; once per chapter, you may breathe life into one of your dream-constructs (or, in School, a physical one!) turning it into a being capable of instructing, guiding, or leading people within their dreams. You are hoping to create dream-guardians with this power, but you could also spawn truly terrible sentient nightmares. It costs 1 MP to use this power a second time in a chapter, and 2 MP to do it repeatedly within a few minutes.

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