Just "Claudius" is fine, no last name. Wolves don't generally have last names, after all. Where most of the students here in Soma Village came from civilized Town because there was something "special" about them, your story is almost the opposite — your pack sent you from the distant part of the Walking Fields because you were "manlike" enough to fit in here. Your mission here is to learn about humanity, particularly to study their weaknesses. You assume that they know they're prey, and are surprised when that assumption offends them. In the meantime, you study, experiment, hand out surveys*, etc., to learn more about the best way for your people to maintain their top predator status.

* "Excuse me, sir? Would you mind answering a few questions about your worst fears, greatest vulnerabilities in a fight, and estimated nutritional value? It'll just take a moment."


  • Superior Wolf 3 — Identical to Superior Hunter, just replacing gear use with instinct
  • [P] Superior Gait 2 — To run swiftly and silently, and to enter the realm of nightmares
  • The Scientific Method 2 — You like to know why things happen they way they do
  • Boundless Optimism 2 — You are confident, idealistic, and trust your instincts
  • Single-Minded 1 — When you obsess over someone or something, you do it all the way
  • Detect Lies -1 — You tend to assume that no one would dare try to deceive you
  • Empathy -1 — It's not that you can't care about others, you just suck at it


  • [P] Brice 1 — She's inhuman, vicious, and dangerous, everything needed in a friend
  • [P] Timothy 1 — He needs muscle, and I like the idea of having a friend in the sky


  • "I am the thing in the darkness that others fear" (equal to Something to Deal With Issue)

Emotion XP

  • Speechlessness — usually from taking offense or just "I can't believe you actually said that"

Arc Traits


  • Basic Quest: Predator/Prey Relationships (Paradigmatic: Theorize about the food chain, pecking order, etc.).
  • Story Quest: Just Another Day (Halloween Special, pp. 57-58).


[P] - Designates one of his starting Perks

Claudius was created for a game, inspired by the Halloween Special, set in a school in Soma Village for special teens. Brice is the daughter of a demon and a spirit, and Timothy is a young God of Storms.

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