Chuubo Yuriyevich

The Wishing Prodigy


You always had to be the best.

You were born in Russia, but you were so young when you moved to Town that you barely remember it. All that you remember is the cold, and the hunger. It's been a long time since you've felt either, but you remember them, and you never want to feel that way again. Your parents want you to be happy, but they were touched by Russia, too. They always pushed you to excel, to be the best you possibly could, and you always agreed with them, pushing yourself even harder.

It wasn't that hard, growing up in Horizon. Sometimes, though, on the stormiest nights, it reminded you of the bad old days, and on those days you went out and you fought with the city's monsters and helped people. And over time, you fought more monsters and helped more people and pushed yourself farther and farther, to be more and more perfect, and it got to the point where you were spending more time trying to help others than yourself. And one day, you retreated into a quiet corner of Town and you got some scraps and you built an Engine that could grant people's wishes for you so you wouldn't have to.

It didn't work.

Well, it works. It grants wishes. One wish per person. But it didn't work in that you still have to be the one using it, and the wishes don't always work out. You think selfish wishes are more likely to go bad, but you don't quite understand it. You were actually worried, for a bit, because you used the Engine for yourself and wished to meet a friend who would understand you and wouldn't need your help all the time, and then you met your Best Friend, and that seems like it might have been a selfish wish? But nothing bad happened with them, so maybe you don't get the Engine so well after all. You kind of worry about it sometimes, but maybe it just does what it's supposed to, and you don't need to understand that so much.

But really? Secretly? If you could make another wish, you think you would wish to just be an ordinary boy. You spend a lot of time trying to be ordinary - hanging out with friends, starting hobbies, that sort of thing. But it never really works out. There's always a fire next to your picnic, or you pick up the clarinet and it turns out your teacher is in debt to an ogre, or something. It's exhausting.

Skills and Arc

Arc: Reality Syndrome 3
Current Arc: Child of the Ash 0
Emotion XP: Awww


  • Martial Arts 3: You are a particularly good fighter.
  • Schoolwork 3: You dedicate yourself to your schoolwork.
  • Kindness 2: You know how to be kind.
  • Domestic Tasks 1: You like to help out around the house.
  • Hobbies -1: You are notoriously bad at all the hobbies you try out.


  • Connection 2 (The Best Friend): You have a best friend!
  • Connection 1 (The Dream-Witch): You have a mysterious connection to the Dream-Witch
  • Connection 1 (Fortitude Rats): You like these guys! They're nice.
  • Mad Skills: You are simply the best there is (as per the Prodigy's Perk.)
  • Cool (2): You are particularly hard to embarass or co-opt.

Miraculous Powers: Reality Syndrome

You're a hero! You are, in fact, such a hero that the world itself kind of lines up to make you more of a hero. This has given you three major powers:

The Hero's Aura

People just generally recognize you as a guy who can solve problems, and will. You get some respect, but also random people just sort of show up with little jobs they need doing - cats stuck in trees, letters that need delivering, basements full of monster cats, that sort of thing. Normally, this takes at least a few minutes; you can stay unnoticed for a while. If you need to be recognized as a hero instantly, it'll cost you 4 MP.

You can use this power offensively - to make a bad guy give up instantly, or to convince people to let you past police lines, say - but only if the player you're affecting chooses to go along with it. The aura isn't that strong.

Heroic Prodigy

Sometimes you can't just be recognized as a hero. You actually have to [i]do[/i] things. With this power, your heroism affects the world, making otherwise nigh-impossible tasks simple. As long as you are acting heroically, you can use this power to make a single goal easy to achieve. Maybe you need to Save Someone From A Burning Building, or Beat Up A Gang Of Thugs. Simplicity itself!

You may use this power once a week for free. Activating it a second time in a week costs you 1 MP, whereas using it more than once in a few hours costs 2 MP and using it repeatedly in the same scene costs 4 MP.

The Wish-Granting Engine

You have an engine that grants wishes. Not just your wishes, mind you. It can grant anyone's wishes. But it has three restrictions:

  • You can only use it once a week
  • You can only use it once to grant a given person's wish
  • It doesn't do so good for wishes that aren't in line with your Hero's Code.

Your Hero's Code, incidentally, is a list of phrases that are critical to you as a hero. You may spend a Recharge token to add a line to your Code, but it starts with three slogans. The following are the typical three slogans:

  • A Hero Always Fights For Friendship
  • A Hero Always Helps Those In Desperate Need
  • A Hero Trusts In Himself And In Others

Miraculous Powers: Child of the Ash

It has lately occurred to you to wonder why you are a hero.

Is it just because you are Russian? Is there some metaphysical thing underpinning your life? You have been tied to a metaphysical place, and to the fire burning in your heart. You need to seriously think about this stuff. It's also given you some powers, you guess.


Yeah, you're immortal. This is helpful when rushing into burning buildings and the like; you used to get hurt a lot helping people.


Invoke "Inspiring" and the place that you're in will become kinder and more active. After a few minutes, this creates the Region Property, "People pitch in and work together." You can invoke this in a targeted fashion to create the most co-operative environment feasible; a broken machine might line up its parts just for a moment, or an angry board meeting might actually resolve things with a vote.

Motivational Explosion

Once per season, you can really dial up how inspiring you are. This functions as a wish, "I wish everyone would just work together!" and qualifies as an Imperial Miracle. Exactly how people work together is up to the HG; maybe they realize they aren't so different, or maybe a new disaster suddenly occurs and forces everyone to work together. Using this power more than once per season costs 4 MP.

Let Your Hair Down

Sometimes, you just really need to take a break. When you do this, you take off your hat and literally let your hair hang down (your hair is actually pretty long! But you hide it under your cap). This reverses the effects of Inspiring and Motivational Explosion, creating the property, Everyone Just Take A Break. This sort of just calms people down and makes them less worried or excited about things.

Kaiju Form

About a month ago, you were out training extensively, and you accidentally turned into a snake that measured exactly 108 meters long (you are very good at metric). You managed to turn back, but now you're a little worried that it's going to happen again. You don't think heroes turn into snakes, as a rule. That's more of a monster thing. Maybe you have spent so much time fighting monsters that you're in danger of becoming one?

Regardless, you don't generally use this power. You're pretty sure it won't help.

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