Ayaka Dunne


An orphan in Fortitude, Ayaka Dunne might have grown up to be a lonely and unremarkable girl if not for two things. Firstly, she was never remotely ordinary or unremarkable, what with the shapeshifting and the way shadows tended to move around her when she wasn't paying attention. More importantly, she met the rats. At first they mistook her for a mystery and tried to fight her in an epic fashion. But, Ayaka, with all the dignity of a 7 year old simply insisted that she had to be a noble knight because monsters were all icky and stuff. The rats of fortitude, unable to defeat a 7 year old's tantrum as they might a monster had no choice but to give in. She made them teach her the secrets of ratdom and take her hunting across the far roofs. Ayaka learned the sword and completed a dozen adventures that earned her status as an honorary rat. It was only when Ayaka reached the age of fourteen and noticed strange things changing about her body, like the fact that she could grow shorter or taller on a whim, or eat anything at all without worrying, that Ayaka grew nervous.

Proclaiming that she'd unknowingly misled all the rats she called friends (They all just assumed she knew) Ayaka departed on a 'quest of self-discovery' and promptly signed up on a ship going out of Town, because clearly sitting aboard a ship to brood dramatically would be far more appropriate than hanging around in Fortitude trying to pretend like she was doing something. Clearly her desires for an awesome adventure she could tell all her friends about and make them so jealous didn't matter in the least.

Almost comically serious and very proud, Ayaka wants to be a knight. She is "serious" about chivalry and approaches it with all the dignity she can muster (not much) . But she believes she's doomed to be a monster. Ayaka is somewhat upset about it beneath the constant fun and curiosity, but the girl just doesn't do angst well. She has some very odd ideas about what being a monster might be and tries to go through with them a bit too much.


  • Name: Ayaka Dunne
  • Academic Ability: Stole esoteric secrets from the libraries of the rats when no one was looking. Unfortunately this conflicted with learning boring things like arithmetic
  • Athletics Ability: The greatest fencer the rats of fortitude have seen in a hundred years. Granted, the being significantly larger than a rat may have something to do with that.
  • Blood Type: O negative
  • Favorite Food: Cheese
  • Associated Animal: Rats of course.
  • Hair: Of varying color and length, but always unkempt
  • Build: Whatever she feels like for today


  • Superior Fortitude Rat: 1- An honorary rat! At least a little ratty. Kinda rattish.
  • Way of the Sword: 5- The greatest fencer the rats have ever known (the size does help)
  • Superior Shapeshifter: 1 - Transforms into an incredible variety of people who look Ayakaish
  • Ooh Shiny!: 1- Easily distracted by the strangest things, but tends to make out fairly well from it.
  • "Trust me, I know exactly what I'm doing!": -1 Never trust her plans
  • Logic: -1 - Very bad at thinking things through in actual reasonable chains of relations of concepts.

Arc Traits

  • Persona 2 (Ayaka's wild guesses about her nature)
    • Become more fantastical and strange every time you notice them
    • Are childish and innocuous, no matter how terrifying
  • Primordial 1 (Current Arc: XP: 0/100)
    • Element: Shadow
    • Transformation: An shrouded monster with a thousand mouths
    • Principle: Mystery


  1. Bond: As a terrifying monster I am allergic to all warm and fuzzy emotions directed at me.
  2. Affliction: Loved by the strange and monstrous things of the world.


Basic Quest: Paradigmatic 1/15: Ayaka proposes a new theory about what she might be.

Changes: 0/XX:

Past Arcs

Changing Stats

MP 5/5



XP Emotion: D'aww

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