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Chuubo, the Wishing Boy


What Is Chuubo?

Well, Chuubo's a perfectly ordinary boy. It says that on the label. He's having adventures and growing up and interacting with the people around him. He also has a wishing engine. But. But…

Why is Chuubo the way he is?

Chuubo's puckish boyishness seems effectively supernatural. He's in a world of strangeness, and his youth and ordinariness seem of themselves extraordinary. Is this just providence, or is it a result of…

Chuubo the Wishing Man

Imagine that you had a wishing machine that you built. The world was a strange one, and you had all kinds of amazing adventures in it, almost by accident. But what if things went wrong? People grow up, they fall apart, they get hurt or hurt each other and the world hasn't lived up to the promise it once had. People made mistakes. Many of them you made yourself. What if you grew up into being an evil tree sometimes? What if you were the son of an evil tree yourself? What if all that manifests somehow in a big horrible mess?

You have a machine that can do anything. Including wishing you back to when you were 14 years old, so you could do it all over again.

Chuubo wasn't happy with what his life had become. The innocent 14 year old inventor had been swallowed up in all kinds of murky horribleness. But why not try again?

Why Not Try Again?

And again? And again? Once you've accepted that it's okay to try and redirect the decisions you've made in your life, what's to prevent you from doing it when things turn out differently, but you're still not satisfied? Surely there's some continuum where you can Groundhog Day yourself into perfection. Except…

Can't Be A Man In A Boy's World

Future Chuubo CAN'T be Chuubo the Wishing Boy. Not with all the shit he's seen. Chuubo is Chuubo, his innocence and joie de vivre are too ingrained and can't be replicated. So when Chuubo goes back he goes back. Bye, bye, Future Chuubo, hello, Wishing Boy. Another chance to try again.

Memories Linger

Chuubo doesn't remember being Future Chuubo, and other citizens of the world don't remember the events of 20 years in the future. Except, in that vaguely Donny Darko sense, they do. Everyone suffers from a little deja vu. Everyone suffers from a sense that things should be slightly different. The deja vu and the clairvoyance aren't consistent either, unfortunately, because WHO KNOWS HOW MANY TIMES THIS PROCESS HAS HAPPENED? It doesn't affect play too much, and you should be treating Chuubo as a perfectly ordinary 14 year old who is blundering into your life…except where you guys decide for the benefit of your character, that this isn't entirely the case.

The Metaphor

Because, of course, this is the metaphor of growing up. There are all kinds of things you might grow up to be, but the power and the responsibility is scary. Maybe you can hold back the tide, and just be the innocent ice-cream eating wishing boy for just a while longer yet. That's the narrative temptation - the desire to regress vs the pain you need to suffer in order to truly grow. It's just the packet is kind of…wrong.

Favourite Scenes:

Talking with friends about stuff that’s going on
Hanging out in the world and experiencing stuff
Getting in over your head when doing things that really should be simple


Quest 1: You’ve always wanted to live your life, and make precious memories with your friends.

Quest 2: And now you definitely want to find out who the Dream Wizard is because he seems important in some way.

Quest 3: And you’re probably looking to live life having fun with the people who are important to you without it all going wrong somehow

Wishing Map:

This one's complicated, and needs input from all of you. What's important to note is that even if you haven't met Chuubo, in some ways you have, and he's met you. You just don't have any memory of it, because there's no memories to have, but there are flashes of deja vu and clairvoyance, which isn't always consistent. That means you can open up to deeper, weirder relationships, even if the characters don't know each other that well yet.

So, knowing this Chuubo, what do you think of him?


The Best Friend 2. You have a best friend. His name is Sokka. He's weird.
The Dream-Wizard 1. You have a mysterious connection to the dream-wizard, who you haven't met yet.


Bonus XP when: Players slap their forehead (more in amusement than irritation) as a result of:

  • the unintended consequences of your powers;
  • your character’s haplessness.

Ordinary Hobby 1 -Mass market fantasy novels

Other Powers:
Your daydreams and your peaceful nature bleed out into the world around you.
Trouble washes off your back. For now.
You control the Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine.
You appear to be immortal/invulnerable to harm
You think you can turn into a giant snake.
You can become Dark Chuubo, where you make things more "rocking" and "happening".

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