Chuubo (Metal Fatigue)

Chuubo Shokyu

The Wishing Girl
A character in Metal Fatigue's Glass-Makers Dragon Game

Academics Skill: Ordinary
Sports Skill: Ordinary
Favorite Foods: Teriyaki, Ice Cream
Blood Type: A
Animal: Snake
Age: 15


  • Normal Health: 2/2
  • Tough Health: 1/1
  • Divine Health: 3/3
  • Will: 8/8
  • MP: 6/5


  • None


  • Something to Deal With
  • Calling


  • Domestic Tasks 2. You're good at cleaning, cooking, and the like.
  • Kindness 2. You know how to be kind.
  • Sailing 1. You're familiar with sailing and boats.
  • Comic Books 1. You’re fond of comics, and the fantastic stories they tell.


  • Connection: Seizhi 2
  • Connection: The Dream Witch 1
  • Connection: <Some Other PC> 1
  • Affliction: Ordinary (Strike must beat level of Calling in order to be effective), pg 151
  • Health: +1 Divine Health Level

(Three free Perk slots.)

Miraculous Abilities (Reality Syndrome 3)

Effective Daydreamer (Imperial)

  • 0 MP, After a few minutes, You Can Perceive And Adjust Shokyu's Daydreams
  • 4 MP to use instantly

Dreams Made Flesh (Miraculous)

*0 MP, 1/week, after using Effective Daydreamer, my daydreams can interact with reality
*1 MP, use this a second or later time this week
*2 MP, use this a second or later time in a handful of hours
*4 MP, use this power instantly

Wishing (Imperial, Ritual)

  • 1/week
  • by Irinka's light, Chuubo
  • why did you wish for that

Miraculous Abilities (Child of the Ash 0)

Immortality (Miraculous, Major)

  • 0 MP
  • 0 MP

damage or e
nchantment has only temporary, appropriate
effects on you
1 MP —you totally recover and shrug everything off 1-2 times mid-scene
2 MP

starting mid
scene, you shrug off attacks and other effects
like they’re paper tigers
4 MP

you’re basically unaffecte
d by the world around you

Peaceful (X MP)

  • whee

Dark Chuubo (X MP)

  • aw ye

Turn Into A Giant Snake

Recovering MP

  • +1/week
  • When my Affliction (Ordinary), or Regional Properties, get me in trouble
  • When I spend a week diligently honoring a Bond or Region Property
  • When resolving an Issue

Current Arcs

  • Child of the Ash (0)

** Immortal:
Arc XP: 0/60

XP Actions

  • Emotion XP: Head-Desk/Face-Palm
  • Pastoral XP: Shared Action, Shared Reaction, Slice of Life

Precious Memories

0 out of 9 XP

"Scrapbook!" - Gain 1 XP per ten actions / one scene when experiencing or declaring a precious memory

Reward: Recharge Token

Learning The Ways of Fortitude

0 out of 15 XP

"I'm learning the ways of Fortitude!" - Gain 1 XP per ten actions / one scene when learning the ways of Fortitude, or applying what I've learned in Fortitude.

Reward: New accessory (a bike!), power up, bond or Trick, or a birthday (pg 191)


3 out of 21 XP

3 XP Actions:

  • — Find someone in Fortitude who can help you or teach you how to help yourself —
  • Put a name and a face to the power that's been haunting me from afar
  • Formed an important connection to it—recognized that power as, say, a friend, enemy, parent, or SO..

1 XP Actions:

  • doing reckless stuff together with a rival, enemy, or wicked creature
  • having a troubled dream
  • investigating magic that might help your situation
  • talking to a scholar or sailor about your situation
  • performing cleaning- or purification-related chores
  • talking with somebody about what dreams are, as compared to reality;
  • talking with somebody about whether the world deserves to exist,

whether it’s good or bad, or whether that even matters

Reward: 'this quest often grants a small miraculous power relating to dreams or sleep.' Suggested follow-up: "Wishing for Ease" or "Wishing for Power."

Completed Quests

  • None
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