Robin Ashima Yaho

Robin Ashima-Yaho

Magister of the Dark
Robin is surprisingly short for an Imperator of her stature (ho ho ho). A blue-skinned woman of athletic build with long, black hair and goat horns protruding from the top of her head, her horns are normally hidden under her hooded, cloak of many-coloured bird feathers. There is a bird-mask incorporated into the hood. The beak normally acts as a prosthetic nose. She wears a curious mix of battle leathers and silks of all colours forming a tattered motley-patterned dress

Imperator Diagram



Mortal Skills

  • Superior Phantom Thief (4)
  • (Magical) Bird Magic (2)
  • Passion: I bestow blessings and curses (2)

Bird Magic:

  • [Obstacle 0] reassure, befriend, or make peace with a bird or bird-like spirit;
  • [Obstacle 1] see through the eyes of a bird or something they are bound to;
  • [Obstacle 1] manipulate your body-weight and the wind around you to move faster, be more agile, jump higher and fall great distances without harm;
  • [Obstacle 2] command a bird;
  • [Obstacle 2] Transform your coat, cape, scarf or other long, flowing article of clothing into wings that can allow you to fly;
  • [Obstacle 2] Beckon a bird or bird-like spirit to fly to you from any distance. This can be a particular bird, or any bird of a particular species;
  • [Obstacle 3] summon up a spirit of the wind or air or birds and bind it into a bird;
  • [Obstacle 3] speak to or manipulate the wind;
  • [Obstacle 3] command a bound spirit to grant you a powerful boon in exchange for its freedom.

Attributes and Gifts

Aspect 0 5 AMP 0 CP
Domain 0 5 DMP 0 CP
Persona 0 5 PMP 0CP
Treasure 2 5 TMP 6CP


  • Active Immortality (Free)
  • Superior Luck (As 'Lucky' Gift but costs no MP.) (2 CP)
  • Breath of Misfortune (By taking a Miraculous action at no MP, Robin may cast a Lesser Enchantment of Bad Fortune over a local area. She may define the general circumstances of the bad luck but cannot dictate its exact manifestation. As a lesser enchantment this power's effects tend to be low key and subtle.) (1 CP)

Bonds (including Anchors) and Afflictions

  • Bond: I come when invited. (2)
    • Anchor: The name of Robin Ashima-Yaho. Such is Robin Ashima-Yaho’s power that even her name is a powerful instrument of liberation and destruction. Her name is a Wondrous anchor with the Power to open doors, shatter chains, and generally enable physical freedom.
  • Bond: I test myself and the world, in order to find something better. (2)
    • Anchor: Feather cape and bird mask. A wondrous Anchor made from the multi-coloured feathers of over a thousand birds, each one a soul of unique power that Robin harvested from the dead of Chancel. Woven into the hood is black bird-mask. The beak covers the centre of Robin’s face where her nose would be. Its power allows one to change their shape into any living being.
  • Bond: I want what I cannot have. (Tied to Calling)
  • Bond: I have an affinity for birds, castoffs and dead things (1)
    • Anchor: Birds (A collection of ordinary/wondrous anchors.) Robin is not the Imperator of birds, but her nature resonates with the Estate nonetheless. Rather than being a core part of her being, her connection to birds seems to stem from her aspirations and goals. Whatever metamorphosis or impossible goal it is that she strives to fulfil, the birds of Creation love her for it and will help her in any way they can. Robin grants every newborn bird the ability to fly between her Chancel and the wider world by means of hidden skyroads and in exchange extracts an oath from these nestlings never to use this power except in her service (chiefly by bringing people to and from the Chancel for vision quests). A bird who breaks this oath is invariably punished, though the exact penalties vary depending on the crime and on Robin's whims. As such, while she normally uses birds as ordinary anchors, she can also supercharge them with the Wondrous power to transport people across vast distances and even to other worlds.
  • Bond: My gifts are wondrous but complicate the receiver’s life (1)
    • Anchor: The axe that split the earth and sky. A Miraculous Anchor older than the Ash, which Robin acquired to do battle with the giant Teorius. The story goes that the giant Pangu, born from a cosmic egg incubated in primordial chaos, split apart the chaos into earth and sky with his axe. In modern times, it is the axe’s power to cut anything at the level of spirit and metaphor. It can cut a person in two, splitting them into two different people each taking parts of the original’s personality, it can cut finer fragments of a things nature that split off into totally different creatures based on the nature of what was cut, or it can simply cut a thing into its raw physical components (it can slice seawater into a pile of salt, a bucketful of water and trace amounts of other materials
  • Affliction: I always have something you want. (3)
  • Affliction: When I speak, birds appear. (Tied to Calling)
  • Affliction: I am the end of the world. (Tied to Sickness)

Connections (including Anchors)

  • Succoth-Benoth 3: We've been through a lot together.
    • Anchor: A miraculous anchor, Succoth-Benoth's decaying body can give rise to all manner of miraculous life.
  • Khyra Hektammiz 3: She carries as much of me in her as she does of Teorius. We are family. Her life is my gift to her, her death will be my reward. What wonders will my daughter work in the world?
  • Annette 2: My ward and my charge. She's not the first Noble of Oaths, and is not likely to be the last. Nor is she the most powerful, or the most loyal, or the most defiant. She's probably not the funniest either (although the fact that she thinks I'm doing her some kind of favour by keeping her shackled to Oaths is hilarious.), but she has got to be the most appropriate candidate I've ever had presented to me for the job. She has potential.
  • Mark 1: His ennoblement was almost an accident. Of all my Familia, Mark has taken the most to Succoth-Benoth and its ways, and under his oversight Apocalypse grows stronger and more prevalent within my domain every day. His eagerness to force a confrontation (even if he doesn't quite grasp everything that entails) is commendable, delightful even… but still I cannot set aside regret. For that reason, he scares me.
  • The Lands Beyond Creation -2: Destiny compels me to grasp for something out there, beyond the limits of understanding. I am not completely blind to the fact that my grasp exceeds my reach.


Imperial Miracle Perks:

  • Dark Magisterial Appear: 1/Chapter (Or again in the same chapter for 1 AMP) you may appear at the side of anyone you have a Connection to. When you first appear you are a figment. You can only be perceived and interacted with by the person you are Connected to. It’s not that you don’t exist or that you’re a ghost as much as you cannot affect anyone other than your Connection, your dharma is simply not connected to the wider world. You will often appear as a devil on your Connection’s shoulder, but you could equally just appear on the stool next to them at a bar, or as a priest in a confessional, or at their table in a restaurant disguised as their waiter. Over the course of several minutes your interactions with the world will become more pronounced, reality will begin to notice your presence more and eventually you will be there physically. At the end of the scene this process will reverse, people will slowly start to ignore you, and the actions you take will start to affect the world around you less until you eventually fade from existence and wake up back where you were.
  • Thief-Queen’s Trick: It is notionally possible for you to steal anything: The air in a person’s lungs, the heat from a fire, the beauty from a statue. This Miracle does not guarantee that such efforts will succeed, but given sufficient time and skill there is nothing that it is outright impossible for you to steal.


Current Wounds

  • Divine:
  • Divine:
  • Divine:
  • Tough:
  • Normal:
  • Normal:
  • Normal:


Bond/Affliction Issues
[0] Calling
[0] Sickness
Other On-Going Issues
[1] Vice: You're walking a troubled and risky course. 'Divine curses make life more interesting.'


Completed Arcs:

  • Mystic 1 (Principles: Oaths, Fragments and Apocalypse)
  • Storyteller 2

Current Arc:

  • Storyteller (3) (0/72)

Quests and XP

Emotion XP: (Overacted) *Speechlessness!*

Unspent XP: 2

Basic Quest: Gift-Giver (1/9)

  • Gain 1XP every scene/10-posts when you bestow a gift or curse upon someone in an exaggerated, fairy-tale like fashion.

Storyline Quest: Fascination (Storyteller 1) (0/21)

  • 3xp each, total 9xp
    • Express your fascination with someone or something dangerous and irresponsible.
    • After that first reward, go a long way out of your way physically in order to study the operation and mechanisms of something else’s power.
    • Make yourself terrifyingly vulnerable, e.g. as an act of social/romantic trust, an act of folly, or as bait for a trap.
  • 1xp/Chapter
    • confess a secret desire
    • have a troubled dream about magic, the end of the world or the Lands Beyond Creation.
    • investigate an Imperator, Power or other Miraculous force that may deal with troubled dreams
    • dream about a Main Character or Arc-related NPC
    • hang out with someone you like while they do their thing
    • get into awe-inspiring trouble for, with, or because of somebody else
    • talk with someone about the various bad ends people can come to in fairy tales, stories about wishes, and stories about witches

Will and MP

Will: 0/8


  • Steal a connection to the lightlords' new world. (12)
  • -

Miracle Points:

  • 5/5 AMP
  • 5/5 DMP
  • 4/5 PMP
  • 2/5 TMP
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