As a mortal, Mark had a habit of befriending strangers down on their luck and inspiring them to improve their lives by being true to themselves. He had done this through his compassionate ear and intuitive understanding of other people. He still does this, but since he became Apocalypse he has been helping people find themselves by destroying things that they falsely believe to be important. He brings little apocalypses to people who are struggling. Sometimes they fall to the adversity, and Mark offers to reincarnate them as an animal while their soul recovers. Sometimes they realize what was important and rise to new heights! Mark does this because he believes that it is helpful, but also because some people are marked for apocalypse, and if he doesn't bring one, there are things from his chancel that will…and their apocalypses are far less compassionate.


  • Is driven to traumatically destroy the status quo (2)
  • Must threaten everything that matters, and destroy most of it (2)
  • Cannot be undone (1)
  • Cannot be stopped (1)
  • Is driven to reveal true nature through adversity (1)

Lifepath and Avatar Diagram

Angel (I)

My Power

  • Breaking you to make you better
  • You can become something incredible! (Something Cool)
  • It doesn’t matter when you die, so the lethal risks don’t matter (Painful Estate)
  • It is better to know what is important in your final moments than to live forever ignorant to it. (Freedom!)
  • I don’t need your thanks. I just want to see you struggle and grow. (Shepherd Arc)

My Nature

  • Glorious
  • Set apart
  • Change is inevitable (Dark)
  • If I don’t get you, the Langoliers will (Manufactured army brings apocalypse with far less concern for your personal growth).

Hasn't Changed (XV)

My Identity

  • The friend you need
  • You can become something incredible! (Something Cool)
  • I understand your needs (humble life)


  • Nothing is truly safe, so I cannot become dependent on any single skill. (Something you live).
  • The stakes are so much higher now (disciples: people succumbed to apocalypse reincarnated as animals help me teach humility, but I feel a little responsible for their fate.)


Mortal Skills

Skill: The friend you need (5)
Shine (5)
Passion: Gambling (2)
Skill: Living on less (1)

Attributes and Gifts


Reincarnated host (4 CP: treasure 5, Normal Miracle (-2: 1TMP) Handful of uses (-2) Local (-1) Full Flexibility (+1) rare (+1)) - When people succumb to their apocalypse in the prosaic I can reincarnate them as an animal to give them a chance to recover. They continue to reincarnate into animals until they are ready to take on sentient life again. They live normal lives of animals, but find their way into just about anywhere. Sometimes they even end up in chancels or other non-prosaic places, where they become a natural but mundane part of the environment. This is rare, but is the explanation for the treasure 7 summoning. Sometimes I call on them to force people to confront their apocalypse, demonstrate the importance of humility to someone who is too prideful to deal with loss in a healthy manner, or take part in / witness someone being destroyed or overcoming apocalypse.

Awaken potential (2 CP: Lesser motion of inspirational deeds (6) Normal Miracle (-2 - 1DMP) One Person (-2) rare (+1) comprehensive (-1)) - I can touch someone and allow them to do follow in the footsteps of a potential future self. This essentially allows that person to take one action or series of actions with an effectiveness of Aspect 3-5, depending on their skill and situation. As this is a level 6 miracle, I imagine that this gives me more control over the destiny of the action, and in particular the subject will be inspired by their actions, and their memory of the actions and their outcome is protected as if by a major preservation. I imagine that I could use this on myself, but I probably would only do that if I was interacting with myself as two distinct entities, or a fragment of myself…

Divination (1 CP: Lesser divination of Apocalypse (2) (simple miracle) (-1) (local) (-1) (comprehensive) +1)

Bonds (including Anchors) and Afflictions

This is for your own good (5) - Abagail Watson is a photographer who brings my message to a wider audience. She is so far the only person to become a part of the Reincarnated Host during my tenure as Apocalypse and later reincarnate as human.
I didn’t need that (4) - for turning lemons into lemonade - The person who last took something from me finds the thing to be inconvenient and dangerous.
I gamble too much, out of principle (2) - Magical betting chips that are fixed to units of personal desire, rather than currency value. The chips ensure accurate assessments and inspire betters to come up with appropriate wagers, and enforce the outcomes of bets.

My interventions lead to personal growth. (2) - Despite my unorthodox approach to 'helping' people, it always seems to work in the end.

Connections (including Anchors)

Connection (Imperator) (3) - I can make startling insights about Robin's character. It's up to Robin how right I am or if I'm right at all, but I'm always able to strike a nerve.
Connection (Chancel) (2) - I study the chancel and the people within and know it intimately at a high level, but haven't developed any meaningful relationships with chancelfolk.
Connection: Reincarnated Host (3) - We share philosophies, they help me teach my lessons, and hang out a lot.
Connection: Langoliers (1) - I keep tabs on them and have a good sense of when they will strike, but there is no reasoning with them!
Connection: Annette (1) - We get along well, and we both regard the other as good, dependable people.



Current Wounds


In over my head (1)
Trust (1)


Quests and XP

Post numbers in IC thread listed for xp claimed.

  • Emotion XP: [pronoun] didn't deserve that!
    • OOC # 23
  • Basic Quest: Break a leg!(1/9xp)
    • 1xp/Scene - Say "Will you break?"
      • IC #3
  • Shepherd 1 Quest: //** (4/21xp)
    • 3xp each, total 9xp
      • You lose a fight or important argument with a clone, hallucination, reflection, or some other type of doppleganger of yourself
        • IC 26
      • Robin Ashima-Yaho punishes you for bringing apocalypse to the chancel-birds
      • Convince Annette not to take an action in support of her duty
    • 1xp/Chapter
      • someone under your care faces an apocalypse and is broken
      • someone under your care overcomes an apocalypse and has a new take on life
        • IC 30
      • you force someone to confront their apocalypse or their pride
      • someone capable of stopping you gets in your way because they are outraged by your actions
      • you brood about your own apocalypse
      • you give a lecture to local wildlife
      • you get flustered by the idea that someone less considerate will accompany someone through an apocalypse
  • Side Quest: Connecting to Hugh // (0/14xp)
    • 3xp each, total 6xp
      • Hugh reflects positively on helping others, or you convince Hugh to help another for their own sake
      • You receive an important revelation regarding Hugh or the Mirror
    • 1xp/Chapter
      • You learn something new about the Mirror or Hugh
      • You try to build a personal connection with Hugh
      • You make a bet with Hugh or someone who can help you understand him
      • Hugh demonstrates how little you really know
      • You learn something about yourself from an Apocalypse created by Hugh
      • Hugh explains how he is better suited to do your job

Will and MP

  • 8/8 Will
  • 5/5 AMP
  • 5/5 DMP
  • 6/5 PMP
  • 5/5 TMP

1 PMP from in over my head (1)
-1 PMP for creating Hugh (IC 33)
1 PMP for Trust (1) (41)
1 PMP for trying to make a deal with Hugh (41)
-1 PMP for binding himself and Hugh to the deal (44)

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