Khyra Hektammiz, Noble of Fragments

I’m having a little trouble with the fancy prose description, so I’ll just go through my thought processes. Khyra is an ur-shapeshifter (Shapeshifting 3), able to turn into literally anything. She is a piece of a World/God/Monster that someone cut off in a battle. At that point I’m imagining an amorphous glob with a big cute eyeball on it. Her standard forms will be a cute, almost cartoonishly pokemon- looking indeterminate animal thing and a girl with the same aesthetics (I’m thinking a color scheme something like the color scheme in this scarfl).

She was then given a piece of the Estate of Fragments (which is, itself, fragmented and spread among several low Domain/Persona Nobles) and became something more than a piece of a big monster striving to rejoin it.

She’s going to be high Treasure with one of her Anchors being her own shapeshifted forms and another being shed pieces of her body that become independently shapeshifting minions (which she can reabsorb if need be). Add to that the Emptiness Quest Miracles, and you have a character with an endlessly variable form, who is a shard of not one but TWO greater entities, and who spins off other versions of herself… complicated. I think her Curse will be something about losing her independent Identity - probably an Affliction tied to Something to Deal With.

Lifepath and Avatar Diagram


Mortal Skills

  • (Superior) Using Other Forms 3
  • Adaptability 2
  • Monster 2
  • Dancing 1
  • Self-Image 0

Attributes and Gifts

  • Aspect 2 (6/6MP)
  • Domain 0 (6/6MP)
  • Persona 0 (6/6MP)
  • Treasure 5 (6/6MP)
  • Omni-Shapeshifting

Estate Properties


  • … are created by violence
  • … are irregular
  • … are pieces of a whole
  • … are connected to each other, spiritually
  • … can never perfectly come back together
  • … can become other than they were

Bonds (including Anchors) and Afflictions

  • Bond (3): I must sample every shape and being
    • Anchor: The body of Khyra Hektammiz. Khyra is a being whose physical form is ultimately malleable. Her body is a Wondrous probability function, able to exist in any state at a moments notice. And backed by her Miraculous spirit, she can weave wonders using nothing more than her own flesh as the thread.
  • Bond (Over Your Head): I have only one shard of the Estate of Fragments
    • Miraculous Anchors: A Member of the Sundered Table, a Noble of Fragments1. The Estate of Fragments is… fragmented. Robin Ashima-Yaho has deemed it fit to bestow pieces of it on a cadre of individuals. While some, like Khyra and the moon warrior Fedrik Warum-Hagen are as powerful as most Powers, others seem to have gotten only smidges of divine might. They are, by nature, an irregular and ill-fitting group of individuals… With lots of sharp edges.
  • Bond (2): I must escape entrapment, no matter the cost
    • Anchor: Undefined. And I have no good ideas.
  • Bond (2): I don’t really understand what it’s like being in one body all the time
    • Anchor: Undefined, I think that this spot is going to be reserved for a friend, or mentor, someone she can use as an example of being totally cool as a static sort of thing. Probably a mortal or a Chancelfolk, but maybe not, we'll see.
  • Bond (3): I am a cutting off of a vast World-God-Monster
    • Anchor: The First Beast Teorius. There is a Miraculous creature that stalks the spheres and branches of the Ash. It is the All-beast, the prototype monster from which all such things are mere descendants of; the size of mountains, of entire worlds. And Khyra is one of its pieces. She still feels the pull at times, the wanting of a broken thing to be made whole, the roar of the First Beast pounding in her soul.
  • Affliction (Sickness): I (and my copies) have trouble keeping our identities clear
  • Affliction (1): Cutting me to bits only gives you more of me to tangle with
  • Affliction (1): There’s not much I cannot consume or absorb
  • 2 Points!

Connections (including Anchors)

  • Succoth-Benoth 3 - I roam its woods and live its lives, its treasures. I know its roads and clouds and hidden groves. When I am in Succoth-Benoth, I wear it like a second skin.
  • Robin Ashima-Yaho 3 - She speaks inside my head and my spirit, like I'm an extension of her. Another whole I'm a shard of….
  • The Extinction Order 4/0 - They fear me, love me, respect me… But when I tell them to leave me alone they simply will not listen.
    • Anchor: The Extinction Order. These are a bunch of idiotic mortal apocalypse cultists. They worship Khyra, or fear her, or want to wield her… Or something. They're pretty dumb.
  • Myselves 5 - I know them as well as I know myself. For obvious reasons.
    • Collection of Wondrous Anchors: The cuttings of Khyra Hektammiz.. Khyra is not singular. With a simple act of shapeshifting, or a violent and unexpected severing, pieces of herself are known to seperate and become independent Wondrous shapeshifting entities in their own right. Often, these creatures are more like extensions of Khyra, quickly happily being reabsorbed into the main once a given task is completed, but this is not always the case… and, generally, Khyra supports those cuttings that refuse to return to the fold - though whether they are khyra and she is the cutting can, sometimes, become quite confusing.


  • Connection: The Extinction Order 4/0
  • Connection: Myselves 5


Current Wounds

  • 2/2 Normal
  • 0/1 Tough
    • Serious Wound: Affliction: Blown to Bits
  • 2/2 Divine



  • Completed
    • Emptiness 3
      • Create Shikigami
      • Transform into a Labyrinth
      • Transform into something world-changing
  • Current
    • Knight 0 (0/72xp)
      • Declare a role and gain a tool bonus for becoming it
      • Develop an aura to declare your role

Quests and XP

  • Unspent XP: 2xp
  • Emotion XP: Facepalm XP
  • Basic Quest: Metamorphosis Musing(1/9xp)
    • 1xp/Scene - Propose a theory about how changing into a specific form might help in the current situation
  • Knight 1 Quest: Identity Crisis (3/18xp)
    • 3xp each, total 9xp
      • In the unlikely event that you witness a toad swallowing a stone containing 1+ worlds, or do so yourself;
      • You lose a fight with a clone, hallucination, reflection, or some other type of doppleganger of yourself;
      • You wrestle or dance with a hydra, two-headed giant, sentai team, or other composite entity.
    • 1xp/Chapter
      • you have a discussion about identity
      • you share a meal with someone who is a part of you or who you are a part of
      • you create some sort of record of yourself (have a picture taken, give an autograph, paint a portrait, etc.)
      • you try and fail to impersonate another person
      • you forget yourself and have to be reminded
      • you cement some piece of your identity by delivering a grand speech
      • you experience a surreal vision, flashback, or time travel incident where you face whatever you used to be

Will and MP

  • 8/8 Will
  • 6/6 AMP
  • 6/6 DMP
  • 6/6 PMP
  • 6/6 TMP

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