Annette Chou

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Lifepath and Avatar Diagram


Full size:


Mortal Skills

  • Art Critic 1
  • Common Sense 2
  • Doing the Right Thing 2
  • Optimism -1
  • Superior Guardian Angel 3


Aspect 4 5 AMP 12 CP
Domain 2 5 DMP 6 CP
Persona 1 5 PMP 3 CP
Treasure 0 5 TMP 0 CP

Secondary Domain (Things of My Chancel) 2


  • Elemental (Shadow): Annette has the right and privilege to return to her original form, that of a human shadow, whenever she likes. (1 CP)
  • Shadow's Eyes: As a shadow, it was once Annette's sacred duty to witness and chronicle every wicked thought, word and deed her human experienced, spoke or committed, and her insight has only grown keener since her Commencement. Merely by glancing into someone's eyes (or loose equivalent), every misdeed they've ever committed - from uncharitable thoughts to cold-blooded mass murder - is revealed to her, complete with relevant context and detail. This is a very useful talent, but not much fun at parties. (Lesser Divination of Wickedness: base 2, simple miracle -1, one target -2, flexible subset -1, rare +1; total 1 CP)

Estate Properties


  • … must not be broken (2)
  • … bind you to your words (1)
  • … invoke higher powers (1)
  • … are solemn and sacred (1)
  • … inflict terrible punishments on those who break them (2)

Bonds and Afflictions

  • Bond: My word binds me (4)
  • Bond: I see the worst in people (2)
  • Bond: I must protect the Saram lineage (1)
  • Bond: Bright light is anathema to me (1)
  • Bond: I must honor virtue (1)
  • Bond: ___ (tied to Hero)
  • Affliction: I can't lie (2)

Connections (including Anchors)

  • Robin Ashima-Yaho 0: Experience teaches me that whenever I start to think I can understand or sympathize with her, I'm missing something fundamental. It's disconcerting.
  • Khyra Hemmatiz 1: She's a sweet kid who could use someone to look out for her.
  • Mark 1: His intentions are good, but he needs someone to keep from going too far.
  • Succoth-Benoth 2: I've come to love the Ox and the strange people and places found atop it, but I have trouble accepting the decay that lies at its heart.
  • The Family Saram 2: Disappointing, but faithful in their way. I have a responsibility to them.
  • The Other Annette 3: Like it or not, I understand her.
  • The Lands Beyond Creation -2: I don't look too closely at what lies outside, for fear of what I might see.




Current Wounds





Completed Arcs:

  • Otherworldly 2 (Estate: Oaths)
  • Aspect 1

Current Arc: Aspect 2 (0/72)

Quests and XP

Unspent XP: 1

Emotion XP: Putting my Faith in You (With This XP)

Basic Quest: Stand In Judgment (1/9)

  • gain 1xp every scene/10 posts when you flip between states: "Faithful protector" and "They're not worth it"

Storyline Quest: Above the Fray (0/21)

  • 3 xp each, total 9
    • You stand in a storm, overlooking a pit or dangerous depth.
    • You stand before a dead power that was or is greater than yourself.
    • You have a moment of spiritual insight and forgiveness, and are able to explain or solidly commit to both.
  • 1 xp/chapter
    • trust yourself to a dangerous (and Arc-relevant) part of the setting
    • explore the daily routine of that setting
    • deal with a child or innocent who lives there
    • get sucked into something goofy or frivolous when you shouldn't be
    • somebody goes out of their way to look out for you when you neglect yourself
    • you make a decision while walking and talking with someone

Will and MP

Will: 8/8

Aspect MP: 5/5
Domain MP: 5/5
Persona MP: 5/5
Treasure MP: 5/5

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