Child Of The Sun

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Jasper Irinka, the Child of the Sun

You are Jasper Irinka, the Child of the Sun. You're a sincere, cheerful girl — a pillar of strength in these troubled times. You'll fall out of the sky into Soma, halfway through Chapter 1 when your mom (the sun) is killed.

You won't manage to catch by whom, although you'll kind of suspect your father, Glass Spider, whom you've only sort of ever met.


Academics Skill: Ordinary
Sports Skill: Ordinary
Favorite Foods: Evildoers (edible), Taiyako
Blood Type: AB
Animal: Hen
Age: 15
An Interesting Fact About You: You are the daughter of the original sun.


  • Graceful 3 — You're extremely graceful and well-mannered.
  • Riding 1 — You're familiar with horses and bicycles.
  • Avant-Garde Fashion 1 — You want to share your eclectic taste in clothing, makeup, etc.
  • Lore 1 — You know scraps of secret lore about the sun and Halloween.
  • Sun-Spells (Magic) 2 — You have some power over the sun, and even the false sun.


  • (none)

Emotion XP

  • Gratitude Hands XP
    • Prayer Hands
    • Fist Bump
    • Hand-to-Heart
    • Hand-on-Fist Bow
    • etc.


  • Bond: Mark of the Shared Heart (2)
    • Current Mark: Jasmine Apocynum
  • Affliction: Extra Limbs (0)
    • Current Limb: A bright aura that acts as a +1 Tool to identify details about a person's soul/heart/true self/etc. when Jasper is able to touch and converse with the person.


Basic Quest: A Mortal Life (9 XP) (GMD, p. 409)

  • 1 XP/Scene: Propose a theory about how this lower world works, or a theory/memory about how the upper world worked, or a theory about how the sun fits into it all.

Mystic Quest 1: A Troubled Protagonist (15 XP) (GMD, p. 742)

  • Something is changing in your life, but you’re not sure exactly what … until there’s a “miracle.” This is probably a sign of hope that your mother somehow survived or that you can become a new sun to replace the false sun that’s shining now.
  • 1 XP/Scene: Express a psychological burden (my cross to bear) by expressing a feeling that gives me trouble, while being reminded of my flaws. Specifically, show the sign "I Trust You" while looking at the reverse, "Why Does Everything Look So Dark?"

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