Simon Brambles

The Prince of Thorns
A character from Lest Ye Become.

Arcs and Resources

  • Arc: Accursed 2, Creature of Light 1
  • Current Arc: Creature of Light
  • Emotion XP: Finger Snap and Beckon
  • Normal Health: 2
  • Tough Health: 1
  • Divine Health: 2
  • Will: 8
  • Miraculous Will 3
  • MP: 7


  • Superior Dreamer 2: You are great at dreams and dream-omens.
  • Superior Thorny Vines 2: You can create and manipulate vine-limbs and control vines as though they were limbs.
  • Stories and Legends 2: You can recall and tell many stories very well.
  • Stalking 1: You tend to rely on your world for this, but can basically pull it off.
  • Superior Snake-Speaker 1: Snakes are basically just vines that hiss, right?
  • Innocuous -1: You are really, really bad at blending in.


  • It's Like A Home To Me: The Nightmare Woods. The Woods increase the Obstacle to use any magic that discovers truth or finds paths by 1.
  • Bond: Nightmare Creature (2). You are not really mortal, and have a certain flair for the night, inspiring fear, and surviving things that would kill a mortal. You can replace the need for food, sleep, or breathing with the desire to cause fear.
  • Connection: The Glass-Maker (1). His nightmares are beautiful.

Miraculous Abilities: Nightmare Creature

You are a monster, emerging from the Nightmare World to immerse yourself briefly in the world of the mundane.

The Nightmare Woods [Major]

You were born in the Nightmare Woods, and you retain a connection to them that transcends existence. You can enter the woods from any overgrown and shadowy patch of vegetation, or from any other nightmare in which you are physically present. Other people can find their way to the Woods, but only within their own nightmares, while struggling with a sense of confusion or guilt. If a barrier is in the way, you will likely have to create a Dream-Maze to gain access.

Whenever you take an XP action in the Woods, you recover 1 MP; alternately, if you can't find an XP action to take, you may forgo an action this chapter in exchange for 1 MP. You can also recover 1 MP when you miss a major event or something bad happens because you were spending time in the Woods instead of the mundane world.

Finally, if you recover MP in the Woods, and then leave them with at least 5 total MP, you can emerge with the secrets that have been left behind. This allows you to maintain a Level 2 Connection to anyone who knows a secret you have been bound to keep, as a Major Miraculous action. You must choose a single secret each time, and if your MP drops to 4 or less, or you release the action, the Connection fades. You also learn minor, common knowledge about these people. However, as long as you sustain the impression, you are particularly nightmarish; your face is shadowed and your eyes glow green.

Monstrous Legend

As a nightmare creature, you receive +2 MP, leaving your starting maximum at 7. However, you do not recover MP at the start of each chapter, and whenever you take a wound (or would take a wound except that your wounds are all filled), you also lose 1 MP.

Furthermore, you are not truly of the waking world. When you are suffering from the Sickness Issue, you find sunlight grows painful, and plants in your vicinity begin to grow thorns and vines. If you reach 0 MP while suffering Sickness, your body dissolves into a mess of black, oily smoke and dried thorns, as you reform in the Nightmare Woods. You remain trapped there until you recover at least 1 MP.

Maze-Hand [Bleak]

You can, with a touch, cause something to become lost. You are best when doing this to knowledge; with the lightest touch, you can cause a fact or secret to be forgotten by the person you are touching, or twist written words so that the knowledge contained within them is lost. If the fact is important to the person being affected, an appropriate XP action can allow them to remember.

In more serious situations, your touch can open a dream-maze, banishing someone to a space between the waking world and the nightmare. You can define a length of time for them to be lost, or a condition upon which they will be freed; usually, you limit yourself to a single night, for a number of reasons. As a nightmare, it seems appropriate, for a start, and also if people are lost in the maze for more than a few days they have a bad habit of wandering all the way into your sanctuary, and then you have to deal with people wandering through your dreams, or wandering into other nightmare realms and getting eaten… it's just a mess. But you can, in theory, banish someone into the nightmare realms for all eternity, unless they can find their own escape. And most people can't. (Wandering the Nightmare Realms is a Bleak effect, so a good XP Action can help a character escape here, too, and of course a particularly powerful miracle (Level 3 or higher) will do the trick.)

You can cause something to become lost once a chapter for free, and you can consider multiple iterations of a single thing to be one for the purpose of costs (such as removing a given secret from several minds). Opening a dream-maze a second time in a chapter costs 1 MP, and doing so repeatedly in one scene costs 4 MP.

Miraculous Abilities: Keeper of Secrets

As a Keeper of Secrets, you are a bastion of terrible vengeance in a fallen world.


You cannot truly die, for you always reform in the Nightmare World. As long as you are on this Arc, you have the Immortal ability.


You have access to a pool of 3 Miraculous Will, which you can use whenever you are generally acting in your capacity as a nightmare monster and keeper of secrets. This pool refreshes at the end of the chapter, or when you take an XP action.

The Lurker In The Shadows

You are actually kind of terrible at hiding - no matter where you are, you are a looming presence, a figure approaching, or even just an aura on the area. Whenever it could be possible to spot you, you may declare that you have been noticed; this doesn't actually create light, it just draws the eye to your presence. You may also spend 1 MP in situations where it should be impossible to see you, and you are seen, in all your terrible glory - this is an Imperial Miracle.

Nightmarish Resilience

You and your actions have the impossible resilience of nightmare. Starting mid-scene, you can create a Level 1 Autocritas protecting one or two mundane actions from miraculous effects. You may spend 1 MP to protect an extra action, or 2 MP to shroud all of your actions and yourself. Right now, this only really protects you from minor miracles, but its strength is growing.

Out Of Nowhere [Major]

No one is truly safe from you. Once per chapter, you may appear in the presence of someone to whom you have a Connection (as through your Nightmare Woods), gradually taking shape out of a pile of miscellaneous objects in the shadows or emerging from a heavily-overgrown copse or bush. The process takes a couple of minutes. Sometimes, fear simply rises, and you step out from the shadows. At the end of the scene, you vanish the way that you came, disappearing back to the darkness. It costs you 1 MP to do this more than once per chapter, and 4 MP to just appear instantly at the start of a scene.


Your approach is slow, and terrible; as you walk towards someone, you can make it impossible for them to flee. Once per book, you can cause everyone watching your approach to be struck, unable to do anything but pay attention to you as a miraculous effect, so long as your approach is slow and methodical. Using Transfix more than once per book costs 4 MP each additional time.

Your Starting Quests

Basic Quest: The Marvels of Mortality [Over The Top]

You are endlessly fascinated by the trinkets, culture, and foodstuffs of the mortal realm. When you get really over-the-top in your delight at something extremely normal, claim 1 XP.

Arc Quest: A Secret To Keep

You have forged a new contract, and are out making sure that you've done it right. This quest uses the framework of A Heavy Burden, from the "Casting Off Your Skin" quest set.

Side Quest: The Nightmare Woods

You are also working to maintain and strengthen your own realm, because it is your home. This quest is based on Beautiful and Far Away, and completing it strengthens your Garden by creating a Tool bonus to understanding oneself.

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