Setsuna Kaneko

The Swan-Child

A character from Lest Ye Become.

Arcs and Resources

  • Arc: Grail Seeker 3
  • Current Arc: Grail Seeker
  • Emotion XP: Oh no! Setsuna is in trouble!
  • Normal Health: 2
  • Tough Health:1
  • Divine Health: 2
  • Will: 8
  • MP: 5


  • Shine 3: It is shockingly easy for other people to do things for you.
  • Know Stuff 2: Much was prophecized at your birth.
  • Travel 2: You're good at getting around.
  • Fashionable 1: You have a sense for fashion.


  • Bond: I see the beauty in all things [Special]. This Bond is tied to your Trust Issue. The more that you put your faith in untrustworthy things, the more you see why doing so is worth the heartbreak.
  • Bond: Fatal Prophecy [3]. You are doomed to die, but not until you have seen seven wonders. Until then, it's very hard for anything to really stop you or prevent you from seeing beautiful things, even above your miraculous Immortality.
  • Connection: The Prodigal Sun [2]. You believe him to be a wonder in the making.

Miraculous Abilities: Seeker of the Seven Wonders

You seek out the Seven Wonders that have been prophesied, even knowing that doing so will lead you to your death. Your Grail is the Seven Wonders, things of beauty and truth that can demonstrate the value of the world. Your Curse is Inevitability, the certain knowledge of your own demise. It is:

  • An existential despair that consumes you
  • A sense of time slipping past that pushes you to action
  • A love for all things ephemeral


You are on an eternal quest, and until it is complete you cannot die. You have the Arc Power, Immortal.


You have a beautiful flying horse, a gift to the swan people from Celestia, long ago. She has come to town with you, serving as your noble steed. Aside from being able to fly, you have a +2 Tool bonus to your Travel when you're riding her. You may spend recharge tokens to give Sara another power, if it seems within the bounds of what a flying horse from the sky-kingdom might learn. Wind control, maybe?

You can also spend 1 MP to imbue Sara with true, miraculous flight, lending your Inevitability to her and letting her fly to anywhere you can name within a day by riding a moonbeam through the stars. When you do, as a side benefit, Sara will arrive as soon as is possible, even if she wasn't nearby or had any reasonable way of knowing you wanted her.

Seeking Wonders [Imperial]

When you seek the seven great wonders, you often see smaller, still wondrous events, hinting that the seven true wonders are still to come. After a few minutes, you may create the region Property, [b]"Wonders are found everywhere."[/b] and encourage people to believe in miracles and see the joy in otherwise inoccuous events.

Once per book, you can spend 4 MP to really power up this trick. You can declare that something is a minor wonder, capable of inspiring hearts and lasting forever, and empower it as such. This enforces the eternity of that thing as a Major Miraculous action, as long as it retains its current purpose. Essentially, you are granting conditional immortality to something that you encounter, and even if it is destroyed, its memory will live on forever. (If used on a living being, this will usually only make them immortal until they finish whatever their current purpose is, but that could take years!)

The Freedom of Doom [Affliction]

Your prophecy is something you fear, secretly, but it is also your strength. By sharing that strength with others, you can gift them with the benefits of your knowledge, creating a Level 3 Affliction, "Inevitability infects and strengthens those around me." People find that they are miraculously not afraid of death, feel a love for the fleeting and doomed, and feel driven to live life to its fullest while they can. You once met a Rider, who both hated and longed for this power in equal measure.


You have a natural sense for wonders and meanings. This usually, frankly, doesn't do very much, because you already tend to see beauty in things. But you have a sense for when something that's happening is just a minor event, or a precursor to something bigger. You can sense the weight of potential destiny hanging around people and things, and instinctively follow those that might become true wonders.

Swan Child [Bleak]

You are of the Swan People, and as such harm to you is harm to the world and all who know love. Whenever you are wounded, you may unleash your Doom upon the surrounding area, filling everyone nearby with an overwhelming sense of their own mortality and the fragility of life and hope. Exactly what happens next varies, but it's rarely good. This affects a house-sized area if you only take a Surface Wound, while a Serious Wound can affect a whole neighborhood. If you take a Deadly Wound, everyone in the area who knows love will feel an overwhelming sense of despair, shattering their wills and inflicting a Deadly Wound upon them that may never heal.

You don't actually have to use this power, but resisting it is a conscious effort on your part. Naturally, it just happens. You can also spend 2 MP to trigger this as though you took a Surface Wound, even when uninjured.

Once per book, when you take a Deadly Wound, something truly terrible can happen. As an Imperial Ritual (which is still Bleak), a terrible sorrow descends upon the entire region, transforming it into a land of terrible, transitory beauty. Everything within blossoms into a glorious, fragile light, shattered by any action or change, as everyone compares the fragility of existence to the eternal wonders that you seek. This tends to last for the remainder of the chapter, and is extremely unpleasant for everyone present, who will carry haunting memories of lost beauty and growing sadness with them for the rest of their lives if they do not make Answer to the Bleak.

Fleeting Beauty [Major, Bleak]

You hold within you the power to name something an ephemeral wonder, laying all the power of your prophecy upon it. Once per book, you can choose any person or thing, and transform them as a Deadly Wound, bringing all of their beauty and possiblity to the surface in a brief, flickering moment of transcendence before they suffer an incredible, brutal end. This beauty typically lasts long enough for a single, perfect action that encompasses everything that person believes and represents, but it has no lasting physical impact on the world beyond scorching itself into the minds of all observers.

You think, possibly, that using this power on the correct target would transform them into one of the seven wonders that you seek, but… at what cost?

Your Starting Quests

Basic Quest: Seeing Beauty. [Purple]

Whenever you're not too worked up, you can take a moment to explain to other characters why something that's happening is beautiful or lovely, even if they don't quite get it. You can do this once per scene for 1 XP.

Arc Quest: The Prophecy Looms

You have come to Town in search of the wonders you must still see, but the knowledge of your impending death is lying heavily upon you. You believe in the Seven Wonders that you are seeking, but… it might be nice to not be doomed afterward, it is. This quest uses the framework of "Solace in Purpose", from the "The Price" quest set.

Side Quest: Learning The Ways Of Town [Red]

There is wonder everywhere in the world. This is a red any-time quest, which you can trigger once per scene by reacting to beautiful but mundane things that are new to you by saying, "Oh, so this is how things are done here". Culture is really different around the worlds.

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