Ross Eberhardt

Here is a Heading!

A member of the Legendary 139, Ross was an immigrant to Fortitude when younger. Despite the strange things that have happened to him since then, and his fondness for taking in people that are down on their luck, he tries to live quietly.

Ross Marcel Eberhardt

Academic Ability: Enthusiastic
Athletic Ability: Can swing a hammer
Blood Type: A-
Favorite Food: beignets, paella, peach pie, jambalaya, powdered ringworms
Age: 21-ish?
Animal: Boar


o Insight 3 — He's intuitive, gets to the heart (ahem) of a matter, and catches what others might miss.
o Heart Magic 2 — Not as much practice as he'd like, yet.
o Steampunk Fanboy 1 — It's a hobby, mostly. Cosplay/tailoring, and a little bit of mechanical know-how he can't quite find the time to develop further.
o Child of the Swamps 2 — Mama was a witch in the bayous of Lousiana. Ross knows how to catch fish on a line, noodle around on a boat, is nonplussed-to-familar with a smattering of Weird Occult Stuff, and takes home cooking and hospitality very seriously indeed.


  • Skye Eberhardt 2 — They are tied by bonds mystical, Bleak, and sincerely familial. Theirs is a complicated family. (Perk 1, Treasure for purposes of Sentimental)
  • The Steamworks 1 — It's a very shiny sort of place; Ross is quite fond.
  • Mareya Fletcher 1 — There's something about her he can't put his finger on.

Emotion XP: Putting My Faith In You/Big Brother


  • Basic Quest: Technobabble
    • 1xp/Scene: Go Over The Top in your enthusiasm to explain some interesting quirk of history or the occult.
  • Quest 1 (XX/YY exp)
    • 5xp, up to N:
      • condition 1
      • condition 2
    • 1xp/Chapter:


  • Quest 2, XX/YY Exp
    • 1xp/Scene: Meet Some Condition

Miraculous Arcs

  • Sickly
    • This is how it works
  • Bindings (Wounded Angel) 1
    • Dramatic (Imperial)
      • A tendency to show up or be drawn to scenes and events featuring the alienated, lost, the estranged.
    • Devices
      • +1/+2 Tool Tool for Heart Magic, precise theme and F/X undecided
    • Divine Health
      • +2 Divine Health Levels
    • (Cage for a) Blasphemy (Imperial)
      • Upon losing his last Health Level…., etc.

* Empowered Wounds (Imperial Miracle)
*Aw hell no, ain't never letting that happen again. Formally bind something to self, making it a part of Ross as a power source. (Entangled souls? Something done with Heart Magic? Unsure.)
*0 MP, 1 Divine Health Level—empower one wound per book
*4 MP, 1 Divine Health Level—empower one wound at any time

* A Brother To The Bleak
* This is the wound that represents Ross's wholehearted embrace of Skye's WBH-whammy that made them family.

* Empowered Wound 2

* Recover
* Blah blah blah, stop empowering a Wound, disentangle his soul-bits, associated power goes away and healing of Divine HL becomes possible.

  • Green (Spiritual) 2

* Stuff
* exist


  • Bond:
  • Affliction:

Current Status

  • Health Levels
    • 2/2 Normal
    • 1/1 Tough
    • 2/5 Divine
  • Resources
    • 8/8 Will
    • 3/3 Miraculous Will
    • 5/5 MP
    • 1 Refresh Token
  • Issues
    • Sickness 1
  • Progress
    • Active Arc: Shepherd (???) or Bindings (???) ** Purple/Blue 2/100 exp
    • Quests
    • Unspent XP**: 0xp
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