Ritho, who is named Unmatched


Name: Ritho, who is named Unmatched
Academic Ability: Tactical mind, but not learned
Athletic Ability: Unmatched
Blood Type: Steam
Favorite Food: Hot and spicy things, metals
Animal: Rifle
Age: unknown, looks about 15 in her human-ish form


  • Superior Rifle-Spirit 3 - You are the spirit of an abhorrent weapon and can transform into rifle that shoots incendiary bullets, either completely or morphing parts of your body into rifle-parts. It also gives you the toughness of a steam-punk construct.
  • Acrobat 2 - You know how to move around with grace and efficiency.
  • Impulsive 1 - Being around Ayako so much made you a lot more hot-headed…
  • Proud Warrior 2 - You still can't fully let go of your old life.


  • Superior Maid 3 - You take this maid job at the shrine seriously. VERY seriously.
  • Unmatched - Affliction that basically says "I must win any contest." Rating equal to your Something to Deal With Issue.
  • Bond: I must be free. 2 - You will never give up your freedom or your agency.
  • Connection: The Far Roofs 2 - This is where you lived for a long time, free, boundless, wandering. You still long for those days, sometime.
  • Connection: Coriander Hasp 1 - A shadow of the past. You killed him, lots of times. Tough luck that he's the kinda guy who shrugs it off.
  • Connection: Ayako Vasili 1 - You have a perfectly professional relationship with young Priestess of the roofs, serving her needs and watching over her in her sleep. Wait, that sounded wrong…
  • Connection: The Child of the Sun 1 - You feel a strange kinship to Jasper. Maybe because you're both kind of made of fire?
  • Cool 3: Nothing mortal can faze you. Skill level equal to The Ace trait.

Arc Traits

+++The Ace 3


Cool Perk 3

The Ace

Push Yourself

Legendary Master


Anime Moment

+++Child of the Ash 1

Set the Mood (cold efficiency)

XP and Quests

XP Emotion: finger-snap and beckon over

Basic Quest: Struggle 1/9
This is my new life! / Is this really where I belong?

Active Arc: Child of the Ash 2

Storyline-Quest: Science

Side-Quest: Connecting With the Vasilis

Mutable Stats

Will: 8/8
Miraculous Will: 3/3
MP: 4/5

Something to Deal With 1

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