Iolithae Septimian

The Lie That Tells Itself

A character from Lest Ye Become.

Arcs and Resources

  • Arc: Creature of Fable 2, Become Somebody 1
  • Current Arc: Become Somebody
  • Emotion XP: Fist Shake.
  • Normal Health: 2
  • Tough Health:1
  • Divine Health: 2
  • Will: 8
  • MP: 5


  • Storyteller 3 - You are very good at telling stories.
  • Changeling 2 - You are good at pretending to be human.
  • Pop Culture 2 - You're really up to date with the latest culture.
  • Titov Magic 1 - Where did you think they got it from in the first place?


  • Affliction: The Creature In The Shrine (Mystery). You are, in truth, bound within the Titov shrine, and as your Mystery Issue grows, that binding both empowers and restricts you, creating miracles that help you to emulate the Titov magic, and restricting your ability to take non-miraculous actions against the world. When your Mystery grows high enough, you sometimes vanish from the world altogether for a time.
  • Bond: The Two-Skin Ritual (2). This Bond is tied to your Creature of Fable. If someone lets you kiss them or brush their hair, you can take their nature into yourself. This Bond both offsets the usual Changeling penalties, which in conjunction with your Resemble power makes you astonishingly good at feigning a person's nature and skills, and also binds you to the desires and promises of the people that you imitate.
  • Connection: The Titov Family (2). You hate them, but you also understand them.
  • Connection: The Rat Detective (1). There is nothing quite so enticing as a seeker of truth.
  • Skill: Superior Hunter (2). You are a natural hunter. This Perk comes from, and is tied to, your Creature of Fable rating.

Miraculous Abilities: Shapeshifter

You may once have been human, but now you are something much greater, and your words have more meaning that the paltry thing that is reality. The miracle level of these miracles is listed in brackets.

The Cuckoo [Affliction]

You have been everywhere, and been everyone, and you are not above doing it again. You may use this power to explain, in the middle of a scene that you aren't in, that someone present is actually you in disguise. Alternately, you can explain when you first meet someone about how you have met them before, while you were in the form of another person.

Creating this effect requires an Intention, using your Changeling skill, and is predicated on your Mystery issue. The more time that you spend obscuring the truth about yourself and your purpose, the more likely it is that you will casually reveal that you have been spending time as someone else. Your Intention has Strike equal to your Mystery, and only applies to events that took place between scenes; you can't use it to impersonate someone deliberately during a scene.

Iconic [Major (2)]

You are, however, Iolithae Septimian, and when you wish, you become her once again. Your clothing shifts to take on her temple dress, your hair changes to match hers, and your eyes turn Rider-black once again. As you are a master of transformation, no force can truly change you against your will. You may spend 1 MP to revert any shapeshifting done to you, becoming your true self once again.

Superior Hunter

You are skilled at stalking your prey. You receive a free Superior Hunter Perk, already listed above.

Resemble (2)

You are, as noted above, a shapeshifter without peer. For 1 MP, you may infalliably impersonate someone, copying their mannerisms, voice, and physical appearance.

See The Heart (1)

Despite yourself, you love the world, and you can see that love within others. Whenever you look at someone, you can see whether their heart is generally filled with love, or not. By spending 1 MP, you can expand that capability, and see what it is that they love and care for. This helps you to decide who you might become. (When your Become Somebody reaches Arc 2, this power will be free.)

Adaptable (1)

No matter who and where you are, you fit into the role that you have chosen for yourself. Whenever you are masquerading as someone else, you may spend 2 MP to have a +1 Tool bonus to use any ability that they could use, a Level 1 Connection to their environment, and occasional small miracles helping you to more effectively masquerade as them.

Miraculous Abilities: The Lies of Iolithae Septimian

Your lies have the power to reshape the world. This is very hard on people who are not you.

The Lie of Weakness [Major (2), Bleak]

When someone does something, or says something, or demonstrates something that you dislike, you have the power to say, "No, that is not so," and enforce that. You usually do this by explaining to them why what they are trying to do is flatly impossible, and causing them to agree. This both defeats any weaker miracle or mundane action, and prevents your victim from using this power for as long as you sustain this one. Fortunately for them, your lies are not inherently strong enough to warp reality forever, or at least not yet. When the action is released, their abilities will return.

This usually costs 1 MP, but using it a second time in a chapter costs 2 MP, and using it multiple times per scene costs 4 MP per use.

The Lie of Thought (2)

Once per book, you may speak a statement about someone, and make that statement true for them. You must be speaking to your victim to do this. You explain something about what they are feeling and why, and create an emotion that sticks with them for as long as you maintain your action, and a little while longer. Using this power a second time in a book costs 1 MP, while using it more than once in a chapter costs 2 MP.

The Great Lies of Iolithae Septimian (1)

These things are true, and no fact can undo them:

  • The sea is salt, and I have spoken it thus.
  • Iolithae Septimian is bound beneath the Titov Shrine.

You may expand this list, attaching new lies to your legacy, by spending a Recharge Token. Traditionally, you will do this in conjunction with Quest Miracles that transform the world in small ways by making falsehoods true, allowing you to maintain those falsehoods after you end their related quests, but you could use it to make people believe that a true thing was once a falsehood. This is therefore an expensive list to expand! But that's fair, because these lies are also big deals. These truths are bound in an Autocritas equal to your Become Somebody Arc.

Your Starting Quests

Basic Quest: Lies and Omens

You are, strictly speaking, a mythical and transcendent being, and omens of your passage manifest themselves in the words of those around. When someone speaks, and there is a hidden truth or lie in what they say that you recognize, you may spend a moment revelling in your superior understanding of the universe and claim 1 XP. You may do this at most once per scene.

Arc Quest: The War Against The Titovs

You are supposed to be destroying the Titov shrine and winning your freedom, but… you aren't. You are being a normal girl, or at least as normal a girl as the Lie that Humbles the Truth can be. But an opportunity has appeared. You're about to find a loophole in the Titov's defenses, and now there's a chance to recover a piece of yourself… will you take it? This quest uses the framework of "Recovering A Treasure", from the "Owning Yourself" quest set.

Side Quest: Second Skins (Lurid)

You aren't always comfortable in your skin. Fortunately, you have so many to choose from! You have a sign in front of you with two sides - The Ecstatic Lie, and The Reluctant Truth. When you either become overly involved in the life of one of your stolen skins, pretending to be someone and really getting into their life, or when you sadly abandon such a skin as not truly being what you were looking for, you can gain 1 XP.

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