Hideo Hayashi

The Glass-Maker
A character from Lest Ye Become.

Arcs and Resources

  • Keeper of Gardens 1, Sentimental 2
  • Current Arc: Sentimental 2+
  • Emotion XP: Thumbs-Up
  • Normal Health: 2
  • Tough Health: 1
  • Divine Health: 2
  • Will: 8
  • Miraculous Will 3
  • MP: 5


  • Archivist 3: You are a phenomenal archivist.
  • Dashing 2: You're a pretty dashing guy.
  • Superior Glasswork 2: You don't make the wonders that you once did, but you're still skilled.
  • Weather-Sense 1: You can't get away from this.


  • The Archive: It's Like A Home To Me [See A Keeper of Gardens]
  • The Archive Kids: It's Okay, I'm Here. When supporting or talking with one of the Archive Kids (generally, anyone with a Connection to the Archive rated at 2 or higher), you may give them a +1 Tool bonus to feeling at home, and you may spend your Health levels to protect them from harm.
  • Connection: The Archive Kids (1). You care for them.
  • Connection: The Serpent of Memory (1). Some of your memories line her nest.

Miraculous Abilities: The Archive

You used your archive as a refuge, but you have also turned it into a bastion of safety for those that you care for. (Technically, these powers can apply to any other Gardens that you develop in play, but you default to just having the one.)

The Archive

Your Archive lies in the shadow of a Mystery, and you have developed it greatly. By default, the Archive provides a +1 Tool bonus to help people find what they need - either through research, or through indirect inspiration. The Archive also has two Region Properties: [b]"You can rely on others for help"and [b"Every answer leads to a new question"[/b]. You may, once per book, wound one of your Divine Health Levels to create another Region Property; this wound will not heal for the remainder of the book, or longer if the property that you are trying to instate is particularly unlike the Archive's nature.

Papers and Passages

Given a few minutes' concentration, you can use your glass-making skills to mold the fabric of your Archive, creating new doors, windows, passageways and shelves, or reshaping existing ones into artwork or tools. With appropriate Obstacles, you may use this ability to push the limits of things - creating functional tools, living creatures, or similar things. Once per book, you may use this power to completely redraw the details of your Archive, changing everything about it, as passages and stairwells shift and grow around anyone still inside. Doing this more often costs 4 MP.


Once per chapter, you can imbue one of the books or statues in your Archive with mystical life, allowing them to better instruct or train people in their contents. Mostly, these books act as living guides to the Archive's knowledge and information, or as tutors for various basic suites of knowledge. It costs you 1 MP to create more than one guidebook per chapter.

Miraculous Abilities: The Glass-Maker

(Note: These abilities are generally Level 2 Miracles, based on your Sentimental Arc.)


As you learn to care about people and put yourself out to help them again, you draw danger to yourself. You have the Arc power Frantic as long as you stay on Sentimental.

Shards of Glass

When your glass dragon shattered, all of your love and all of Melanie Malakh's hate poured back out into the world, and more than a little of it has infected you. Generally, you can control this, but the shards of glass in your hands ache when the storms come in, and when you aren't careful, touching people can cause tiny shards of magical glass to slip into them, energizing them and blinding them to limits. This acts as a Level 2 Bond, [b]"Become the you that you dream of"[/b]. You can use this Bond deliberately to push through Obstacles and grant people minor and temporary magical powers with your Superior Glasswork, or you can choose to have it come out in problematic times, empowering enemies or pushing people to dumb actions, giving you 2 MP or 2 Will back. In theory, the glass shards in you can replace the need for food, water, or even air, although generally you'll have to be periodically working glass for this to happen, and it's still really unpleasant.

Normally, these shards fade away, leaving slight changes behind. When placed into people or objects that you really care about (such as your Archive, or the Archive Children), they become your Treasures. Anyone that you have as a Level 3 Connection can also become a Treasure.

You may invoke a Blessing on one of your Treasures. This is a special action tied to the glass shard within them, which you must define the first time you invoke a blessing on a given Treasure. By spending 1 MP, the Treasure can invoke that blessing as a mundane, but magical, action. If you spend 2 MP (or if you and your Treasure each spend 1 MP), and the action would help and strengthen you, they can instead invoke it as a miraculous action.

Blessings are deeply tied to the dreams and hidden insecurities of your Treasures. Their exact nature can be highly variable.

The Caregiver

You have an additional pool of 3 Miraculous Will. You can use it only when taking actions for or with one of your Treasures. In addition, whenever one of your Treasures needs you or is desperately trying to reach you, you instantly know.

What Would Hideo Do?

When you sleep, your spirit tends to haunt the Archive, or travels to those of your Archive children who are troubled or suffering. You may do this with only one Treasure at a time; when you do, you see through their senses, feel their dreams, dimly sense the world around them, and speak to their minds (if they have minds, of course). If you are not asleep, you can still do this, but it costs you 1 MP, and doing it more than once every several hours costs 4 MP.

You can also reach your power around them in a number of ways. You may shield them, causing a Miracle that would target them to target you instead, or in addition to, them. You may lend some of your knowledge to them, letting them use your Skills, powers, and MP with your permission, you can protect them from influences on their thoughts or actions that can't also influence you, and if they are inanimate you can animate them to a degree, such as bringing the books of the Archive to life to re-arrange themselves.

After using your abilities, people do not remember them, nor do they precisely remember what happened - it becomes a sort of dreamlike inspirational moment.

Your Starting Quests

Basic Quest: The Hidden Librarian [Lurid]

You like to go out into the world, but you also prefer to retreat into scholarly pursuits. You have a card depicting your two sides - Scholar, and Archivist. In your Scholar side, you gather information, seek out other characters, and look to the future. In your Archivist side, you retreat into your libraries, draw back from strangers, and reflect on your past. You may flip between sides up to once per scene, and gain 1 XP.

Arc Quest: The Orphan

A new child or lost soul has arrived in town, and you want to help them. This child is probably the Haunted Child, and as you get to know them you are drawn into their life. You will find this quest listed as "A Symbolic Adoption" in the "A Life Well-Lived" quest set; finishing it adds that character to your Archive Children, and starts your next storyline quest.

Side Quest: The Marvelous Archive of Hideo Hayashi

Your Archive is beautiful, but it is also vulnerable, and you're working on fixing this. This is a Purple any-time quest; your catchphrase is, "I just needed to fix a few things up". You may do this once per scene to explain something as being a result of your work on the Archive. When this quest is completed, the Archive and anyone in it gains a Level 1 Obstacle / Autocritas against harmful magic or miracles.

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