The Prodigal Sun
A character from Lest Ye Become.

Arcs and Resources

  • Arc: Spiritual 1, Called Away 2
  • Current Arc: Called Away
  • Emotion XP: Long Sigh - This Emotion XP triggers when you do things, usually avoiding responsibilities, tasks, or unpleasant confrontations, and another player just looks at you and sighs.
  • Normal Health: 2
  • Tough Health:1
  • Divine Health: 2
  • Will: 8
  • MP: 5


  • Big Brother 2. You are good at being a bigger brother, both literally and figuratively!
  • Superior Vitality 2. You are the child of a god.
  • Superior Dreamer 2. You have a handle on controlling and influencing your dreams.
  • Cars 1. You like cars.
  • Music 1. You also like to play the guitar.


  • Bond: I Ride A Silver Mercedes (2) - this Bond is tied to your Called Away Arc, and represents the imminence of your car/pale horse. It helps you with driving, and preventing your car from not being yours in whatever way.
  • Affliction: The Death of the Sun - When your mother died, it cast a terrible shadow across the world, and that shadow nestles secretly within you. While you are unaware of it, terrible miracles begin to shadow you as you weaken, and Eclipse stalks you and weakens the world. This Affliction is tied to your Sickness Issue. It will not generally cause permanent harm, but will create very dangerous and despair-filled miracles or wipe minor things of hope and light out of existence.
  • Connection: The Swan Child (1). There is something beautiful about her.
  • Connection: The Child of the Sun (2). She's your sister!

Miraculous Abilities: Child of the Sun

You are a child of freedom, and the night sky. As a semi-divine being, this gives you certain advantages:

The Sky Is Falling

When freedom is in jeopardy, you have an instinct for this fact. Usually, this applies when something big is happening - a tyrant is taking the throne of Fortitude, or a wish has been made that threatens to unmake the wills of everyone, everywhere. It can occasionally warn you about more specific threats, i.e. someone is coming to arrest you, at the whim of the HG. This power will also let you know if the night sky is in serious danger, for example if the Riders are about to end all of existence.

Not My Problem

You have a habit. Some people consider it a bad habit, but that's really their problem, because it isn't yours! That's your habit, by the way. Finding simple ways to shirk responsibility. You create the feeling that you are free from whatever challenge, responsibility, or problem is facing you, and everyone tends to agree with you.

This doesn't actually solve your problems, and if people stop and think about it, they'll realize that, no, you really should have cleaned the fridge, or fought that goblin, or whatever, but it's usually enough to give you a good head start. You can do this every few hours, or spend an MP to do it again if you get cornered soon afterwards by a new problem.

Eye To The Stars

You have a strong and instinctive knowledge about the night sky, enough to be able to name any star someone points at, explain its mythological story, and tell people how far away it is. You can also use this gift as a +1 or +2 Tool bonus to Intentions that are strongly related to the sky and stars, but not directly about them (making horoscopes, for example, or divining the approach of the Prince of Cats.) Either approach costs you 1 MP.


You can also speak to the moon, stars, comets, clouds that float high above the world and other things of the night sky. They will generally help you to create whatever minor miraculous favors you want; a cloud might drift across the moon, or away from it, or the sky will seem to go on forever.

The Grasshopper's Song

You can, with a bit of effort, pass your carefree and easygoing attitude on to others. Once a chapter, you can spend 2 MP to create a strong, powerful feeling of freedom and ease. People will take their vacation days, leave their work, join the impromptu band that you're setting up, and not worry about their problems for a little while. You can even use this power to set free imprisoned people, with a bit of dream-logic and hand-waving, or pull apart obstacles or traps that keep people or things held down. This will generally last up to a day, although people with actual, urgent concerns will often start worrying about them in direct proportion to how big a deal they are; if someone's house is on fire, you're not going to get more than a couple minutes of calm contemplation out of them.

Divine Mantle

As a child of the Sun, your miracles are particularly miraculous. You may spend 1 MP to give yourself 1 Miraculous Edge for the rest of the scene.

Miraculous Abilities: The Shadow Of Her Death

You have recently been called back to Celestia, your mother's realm. It is under assault from a terrible creature created by her death - Eclipse, the Shadow of the Sun. You want to save the sky realm, but you don't think that you can face Eclipse alone, and so you search Town for possible solutions, while working on methods to draw Eclipse's attention away.

(Note: For the Properties of Celestia, please see Page 283 of "Chuubo's Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine".)

The Death of the Sun

You are a child of the night, and Eclipse brings a false night to the world. More than that, although you don't realize it yet, Eclipse is bound up and hiding within you, using you as its tool to assault your mother's legacy. Because of this hidden connection, you receive a free Level 2 Bond, [b]The Death of the Sun[/b]. This Bond ties you to Eclipse, and allows you to impersonate or mimic it, or register as it to magics that identify personhood.

A Dream of Freedom [Imperial]

In the night, while you work to protect Celestia or hide away in Town, you also manifest in your other Realm. A silver Mercedes pulls up, and you step out, ghostly and slightly indistinct, but basically real. You can use this power whenever it is night, or whenever you are sleeping, and because of your skill with dreams your dreamself is very nearly as real as you. Still, if you're doing something important, like saving someone or meeting your sister for the first time in years, you have an Obstacle 2 to your Intentions, because, well - this is hard. You can't overcome that Obstacle with Bonds, either, since your Superior Dreamer skill is already reducing it.

If someone tries to hurt you, and comes near success, your dreamself vanishes and you wake up.

Using this power more than once a night costs you 1 MP, and using it repeatedly in a scene costs 2 MP. For 4 MP, you can manifest multiple dream-selves wherever you want, although they're all still limited by your two Intention maximum.

Song of the Sky

When you play your guitar, you are capable of drawing on the strength of your mother's Realm, bringing the nature of Celestia into the world. Once per chapter, after playing music for a few minutes, you can apply one of Celestia's Region Properties on the area you happen to be in. You can spend MP to use this power more frequently, or spend 4 MP to create the region property from the first note you strum.

Prince of the Realm

Despite your long absence, you are still a prince of Celestia. You grew up there, you learned its ways and know its people. Whenever you are in Celestia, you can spend 1 MP to either create a bit of good fortune - running into an old friend, or realizing that you know the area that you're in well - or to give yourself a +2 Tool bonus to shape Celestia and its policies (you aren't actually very good at doing this yet, incidentally, since none of your skills apply well to rulership, but as your skills improve that might be a useful technique.)


You are a child of freedom, and locks, pathways, and the like are yours to command. Once per book, you can automatically succeed at any coincidental attempt to bypass a security system, find a hidden path, or similar effects (or you can spend 1 MP to use it once a chapter, or 2 MP to use it more often). After you activate your power, you can push the cost up to 4 MP to sustain the power for as long as you like, bypassing all obstacles and barriers to your journey.

In a really extreme situation, you could spend 8 MP and take a Deadly Wound, and unlock every lock, open every door, and clear every path in whatever Region you find yourself in. This is an Imperial Miracle, and a really big deal.

As a general side-rule, whenever you receive Emotion XP, something near you tends to unlock or open. This usually isn't a big deal, but can be played for either laughs or drama in appropriate situations.

Child of the Sun

You are a child of freedom, but also of the Hope that your mother represented, and you can nurture that hope in others. You can do this once a chapter for 1 MP, or more often for 2 MP per use. When you do this, there are two effects. First, your attempts to instill hope in someone (usually using your Big Brother skill) gain a +3 Tool bonus. On top of that, as long as you get a result of at least Intention 5, the effect of your Hope on your target can act like adding a point of a hope-related Issue (such as Calling or Hero).

The Treasures of the Sky [Imperial]

Once per book, you may spend 1 MP to enchant a person, creature, or object from Celestia, reinforcing it against the mundanity of the world. This removes any of the usual Obstacles to bring that thing to Town, taking a small sample of the magic of the sky Realm and showing it to the people. You can use this power to both reinforce and bring to Town someone or something from Celestia, up to the size of a small building. Using this power more than once in a book costs 2 MP.

Estrange [Major, Bleak]

While your music is playing, and the Principles of Celestia are taking root, you can direct it against a particular person or thing, filling them with the power of Hope and the sky. You have some control over the process, based on which Principle you invoke, what Intention you build, and how much ground-work you lay (having a song that's about what they're becoming and why is a good choice), but the end result is always that they become something attuned to, and a part of, the Sky-Realm. You can generally only focus on one person at a time, but you can manage a small group if they're all becoming something similar.

After you turn someone into a wind-spirit, or an angel, or a living ray of sunshine or what have you, you have to get them to go to Celestia, or else the effects will wear off by the end of the Book. You may use this power once per book. Using it again costs 2 MP.

Your Starting Quests

Basic Quest:

Arc Quest: Putting It Off

You've been putting off your destiny, but the world is conspiring to bring you back. Things are happening that remind you of the dangers facing your homeland, and you need to think about going back. This quest uses the framework of "Shadows of the Past", from the "Owning Yourself" quest set.

Side Quest:

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