Alexandra Profokiev

The Great Rat Detective
A character from Lest Ye Become.

Arcs and Resources

  • Spiritual 2, The Ace 1
  • Current Arc: The Ace 1+
  • Emotion XP: Aww
  • Normal Health: 2
  • Tough Health: 1
  • Divine Health: 2
  • Will: 8
  • Miraculous Will 3
  • MP: 5


  • Superior Fortitude Rat 2: You are a little humanish, by training, but you are still a Fortitude Rat.
  • Charm 2: You're a very charming person.
  • Noir Detective 2: It's a little more hardboiled than being a real detective.
  • Athletics 1: You've still got it.
  • Diagrams 1: You love to make them.


  • Bond: I know the skies [2]: Your studies of the stars, sky and winds is accurate and in-depth.
  • Affliction: The Great Detective [Tied To Complex]: The more your own issues affect you, the more you discover connections to the mysteries that you are trying to solve. This Affliction creates miracles that cause your cases to reflect your personal crises and issues.
  • Perk: Cool [1] - This Perk is tied to your Ace rating.
  • Connection: Melanie Glenn [2] - She's your valued secretary.
  • Connection: Arikel [1] - You feel for this poor boy

Miraculous Abilities: Seeker of Truth

You are a Seeker of the Truth, and as such you have a nose for conspiracies, mysteries, and other strange events. You tend to get your tail caught in them on a regular basis, in fact.

I Smell A Rat

You have a sense for when a grand lie is being told.

This doesn't let you know when individuals are lying; it lets you know when a lie is becoming generally believed to be true - someone has been unjustly arrested and everyone thinks they're guilty, or a conspiracy is convincing Town that potatoes are harmless. Whenever truth is globally in danger, the HG should warn you.

Paper-Thin Lies

As an agent of the Truth, you have a cunning knack for distorting it. Whenever you say something, whether it is true or not, you can use this power to make it sound plausible. People will tend to believe you! Even if they choose to ignore your lie, or dismiss it, there'll be a vague sense that you're telling the truth.

This power doesn't actually force people to believe you; it just encourages them. You can use it for free once every few hours, but after that it costs 1 MP per use.


Whenever you're interacting with people or places, you can look at the Truth to get a feel for how accurate the information you're getting is. This power miraculously lets you see through things that are entirely untrue - blatant lies, pure illusions, and hallucinations. When you're trying to gather the truth of a situation in general, it gives you a +1 Tool bonus for things such as telling when people are generally being deceitful or realizing that a carefully-built disguise is a disguise, and not real.

A Face You Can Trust

You have a knack for speaking to the truth in people's hearts. Whenever you're trying to either convince someone that you're being truthful, or convincing them to tell you the truth, you can give them a winning waggle of the eyebrows or soulful expression and bypass any Obstacles to the attempt.

Alternately, once per chapter you can spend 1 MP to force someone to either truthfully admit or deny one of your accusations or theories as a miraculous effect. Using this a second time costs 2 MP, and using it more than once in a scene costs 4 MP. If someone wants to resist this effect, they will have to take a "Guilty" Serious Wound, which generally creates a Bond created to their guilt.

Hard-Boiled Detective

When it matters most, your unique talents never fail you. You may spend MP to boost the effect of your miraculous abilities for a scene.

Finding Clues

You have a knack for finding clues and information. By spending 2 MP, you can find a piece of information related to a question that you have within a few minutes of searching.

If the HG rules that no information exists within the area (if, for example, you're looking for a story that never hit the news), once every few hours you can find a clue anyway. This clue will be retroactively created, and will otherwise be totally accurate. Using this part of your power more than once in a few hours costs 4 MP.[/sblock]

Miraculous Abilities: A Lifetime of Experience

They say that you can't teach an old rat new tricks, but you're living proof that isn't the case (and also, frankly, it's a little bit bigoted.) You may be connected to the Truth, but you're also a real prodigy; someone who is capable of, occasionally speaking, great feats of derring-do. You're still working on expanding yourself; your investigations are interesting, but you aren't about to lie down and die just because you're getting on in years.


You get in trouble a lot. As you as you are on The Ace, you have access to the Frantic quest power.


You're always a little worn down, always pushing yourself just a little too hard. You have a pool of 3 Miraculous Will that you can use for any mundane action, as you as you act out how it is wearing you out.


When you're in trouble, you can enhance your actions and be just that much better. Midscene, you can add a +1 Tool bonus to a couple of actions, or spend 1 MP to increase the bonus to +2. You can spend 2 additional MP to affect all your actions for the scene.

Your Starting Quests

Basic Quest: Show The Young'uns a Thing Or Two

Arc Quest: One Last Job

This quest uses "Falling Into Old Habits", which you will find in the quest set, "A Life Well-Lived".

Side Quest: The Mysteries

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