Character Seeds

Here's a place for one line character ideas to help people get inspired. Fill it up! The more ideas the better!

  • Raven Irinka, the Prodigal Sun - who sales the seas to find adventure and escape the memory of his dead mother
  • Captain Entropy II, the Dread Pirate - who is confined to their boat by a curse and also is secretly a woman… AND A WEREWOLF!
  • Salty Schwann, The Best Mate - who listens to the wind and is, by far, the best pirate you've ever heard of!
  • Miraella Mesmer, the Sea Witch - who lusts for treasure and retreats to an undersea cavern through the reflection of a calm sea
  • Rinley Titova, the Adventurer - who quests for a cure for her family in the wilds of the sea
  • Chuubo, the Cabin Boy - he's just an ordinary cabin boy. Weirdly ordinary, for a pirate ship.
  • THE INCOMPARABLE LEONARDO DA MONTREAL - He makes pacts with the creatures of the deep! He operates a mechanical submersible! He has explored all eight of the seas! Yes, eight! There is a secret one!
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