Everybody Make a Scene (Chapter 1)

Chapter 1: Calm Before the Storm

September 9th-September 19th 2017 (pages 1-3)

Chapter Experience Pot: 10

Session Goal

Meet the PCs

HG Reflections/Notes

I set the opening scene as Soma Academy, held up because of a strong rain outside. This was because around this time Hurricane Irma was headed toward my area. It ended up setting the mood quite well and gave the delinquent a stage with which to set their rebellion. This included introducing Mrs.Senko, my current favorite Chuubo character, from outside the module.

Another relevant change I made was the role of Jasper since someone wanted to use that bonus character. In this version, the sun has already been reborn and Jasper has an as of now unknown connection to it. This allows the weather changes throughout the story to manifest because of changes in Jasper's being. I like this as a narrative explanation.

I originally wasn't intending to make any changes to the module, but adapting it to my current mood and the current needs of the players became absolutely required. It is interesting how dynamic this system has to be, it won't work too well on a straight track.

At this point in the story, I was already planning the twist that would be discovered at the start of Chapter 2. It was agreed that this gave the story a good narrative through-line that could drive events forward. I was worried that creating my own original plotline based on ideas from within the module would be too much, but it's actually what is intended.

Based on selections from Soun's quest, Shiratori (word chains) became a major theme in the first chapter and is something I'm looking forward to working with for the future chapters. They can be used both as a form of verbal combat and a literary device.

Experience Actions

Soun: Basic Quest (Over the Top!) for jumping onto his desk and making a sparkling scene. (1/9 EXP for basic quest)
Soun: Never Say Die for his dramatic rebellion that will ultimately fail. (EXP Action into the group pot)

Mrs. Senko [HG]: Foreshadowing for her downright creepy and out-of-character behavior. (Out of Genre EXP Action into the group pot)

Jasmine: Basic Quest (Logical. Sensible. Sane.) for being completely sane during the chaos in the classroom, in her own way. (1/9 EXP for basic Quest)

Jasmine: Emote EXP from speechless for participating in this word chain and rendering the headmaster speechless OOC. (1 EXP floating)
Soun: Emote EXP from "putting faith in you!" to represent Jasmine's support (OOC) of Soun furthering his cause. I like that this sort of creates an Emote-chain (1/18 to his main quest)

Jasmine: Never Say Die! Action from ripping out her own heart. Quite dramatic. But it won't save you. (EXP Action into the group pot)

Chuubo: Suffer Adversity for falling over and being taken in by the chaos around him. (EXP Action into the group pot)
Chuubo: Emote EXP from Aww! (from Jasmine) because falling over really is sadly sympathetic. (1 EXP floating)

Jasper: Basic Quest (Flipped Sign: ("I trust you" to "Why is everything so dark"). She wants to believe detention is a happy ending but has doubts about that. (1/9 for basic EXP)
Jasper: Emote EXP (Gratitude Hands from the HG). She helped Chuubo up after he suffered, an act worthy of gratitude that felt very sweet. I'm also grateful OOC that someone helped him. (1 EXP floating)

HG: Discover Action. Jasmine can see the Halloween spirit in the air, spooky! (EXP action into the group pot)

Jasmine: Emote EXP from Speechless (From HG) since Jasmine's lack of self actually made me feel at a loss for words. A solemn sadness. (1 EXP floating)

Soun: Quest Flavor EXP ("check out how somebody is doing.") for checking on Jasmine after she took her own heart and taking it for himself. (2 of 18 for Main Quest)
Jasmine: Quest Flavor EXP ("talking about what life and existence are for") for speaking on the nature of Lies and what matters in life to Soun while not being herself at all. (1 of 18 for Main Quest)

Entropy: EXP Action (Foreshadowing) for focusing on Jasmine and a Headesk Emote from the HG because of how awkward and irresponsible the principal is. (1 EXP for the pot, and 1 EXP floating)

Note to self: Since everyone's doing it, I should probably make a Word-Chain Ritual for next time so that everyone can get a benefit for doing this. If we don't end up with enough Group EXP…then I'll declare it retroactively for now.
(Note to self again, make a writeup here)

Chuubo got quest exp and Jasper got Transformation. I gave bonus exp for the word-chain ritual.

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