Michaela Cordell


  • Color: russet
  • Symbol: goggles
  • Guardian: COUSIN
  • Sylladex Fetch Modus: skip-list
  • Strife Specibus: whipkind
  • Web Browser: Mikaboshi
  • Favorite Media: post-gothic electronica

> Examine room

You are MICHAELA CORDELL, though when you COSPLAY as a STEAMPUNK ADVENTURESS you prefer to be called LADY DELIA MCCOLLAHER. You live in a LUXURIOUS SPLIT-LEVEL APARTMENT with your OLDER COUSIN BETH who is an ADVERTISING EXECUTIVE. Beth always calls you MICKEY and it is for this crime that she will DIE ALONE IN A GUTTER.

You like OBSOLETE COMPUTERS and pretty much any kind of RETRO TECHNOLOGY. However, your tastes in MUSIC are eclectic and mostly modern, as indicated by the SIGNED POSTERS of VNV NATION and THE CRÜXSHADOWS above your FUTON COUCH. You love WORD GAMES and ABSTRACT PUZZLES and are UNNATURALLY GOOD at them. Sometimes you play the DIDGERIDOO to relax. Right now you are eating CASHEWS by the handful while reading one of your collection of VICTORIAN-ERA ENGINEERING HANDBOOKS so that you will be able to maintain the ZEPPELIN you have sworn to possess someday.

What will you do?



  • Retrotech 3
  • "Something smells wrong here…" 2
  • Fast Talk 2
  • Cultural Appropriation 1


  • Bond: I am driven to impose my own notion of justice on others (2)
  • Skill: Superior Pattern Recognition 2

Quests and XP

Emotion XP: Salute/Fist-Pump

Basic Quest: Crazed Techie (purple, 9xp)

  • 1xp/Scene: Catchphrase "I can totally fix that!"

Mystic 1: Seeing the Unseeable, simplified (black, 12xp)

  • 3xp, repeatable 1/book
    • You have a surreal and/or dangerous encounter with something supernatural/secret-war-related
  • 1xp/Chapter:
    • You make implausible excuses of the "I have to go iron my dog" variety
    • You speculate about whether miracles and magic exist
    • You come up with a completely plausible but wrong alternate explanation for what's been happening to you lately
    • Your Principle appears in metaphorical form in your dreams

Side Quest: Enter (gold [or silver?], 18xp)

  • 3xp, up to 4
    • You and your guardian Strife!
    • You install the game and connect to your server player
    • You prototype the kernalsprite
    • You make the entry item and activate it in the nick of time
  • 1xp/Chapter
    • You complain about your guardian's habits
    • You avoid your guardian successfully
    • You play a haunting refrain on a musical instrument
    • You look up at the sky and see meteors or floating words
    • You pester a chum about your difficulties at home
    • Your server player makes a mess of your home
    • You partake in your hobbies and interests wasting time
    • You play with a toy or treasured family heirloom wasting time
    • You commit to a weapon and select your Strife Specibus
    • Sylladex shenanigans waste your time


  • Knave of Hearts 0 (Mythos: the world of steampunk)
    • Frantic
    • Symbolic Logic
    • Idealize

Current Status

  • Health Levels
    • 2/2 Normal
    • 1/1 Tough
    • 2/2 Divine
  • Resources
    • 5/8 Will
    • 4/5 MP
  • Ongoing Intentions
    • Escape cousinly impositions with a lame excuse (3 minus unknown Obstacle)
  • Issues
  • Progress
    • Active Arc: Knave of Hearts, 4/72xp
    • Quests
      • Crazed Techie - 0/9xp
      • Seeing the Unseeable - 1/12xp
      • Enter - 3/18xp
    • Unspent XP: 0xp

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[url=http://chuubo.wikidot.com/cc:the-mage-of-brass]MICHAELA[/url], aka [color=#80461b][b]technoArchaeologist[/b][/color]
[size=1]Salute/Fist-Pump XP; # Will; # MP[/size]
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