The Knight Of Void


  • Color: red
  • Symbol: a sort of stylized bird
  • Guardian: Sister
  • Sylladex Fetch Modus: Hash map
  • Strife Specibus: Fistkind
  • Web Browser: Nyx
  • Favorite Media: Radio

> Examine room

Your name is ???. It is a ?BEAUTIFUL SUMMER DAY? outside though you are unusually staying inside today. You have an INTEREST in EVERYTHING. Your good buddy YORICK is sitting on a shelf. YORICK is a FAKE SKULL that you used when ACTING. Also on the shelf sits your PARACHUTE. You occasionally use it for SKYDIVING. On the shelf below sits a variety of DANCE SHOES. Of course you also have your EASEL in the corner you use for PAINTING.



  • dancing 2
  • painting 2
  • acting 2
  • Skydiving 2


Quests and XP

Emotion XP: Putting my faith in you

Basic Quest:
There’s something that just rivets your attention when it happens; or when you think about it; or when something fits your thoughts about it. Something you love. Something you fear. Something like…
Trying new things
Pick a catchphrase for this. You don’t have to use the exact same catchphrase every time, but it’s the core of your experience here. It’s what you say to show that your attention has been totally caught.
Isn't it great to try new things?
You can earn a bonus XP towards this quest at any time (but only once per scene/15 minutes) with an emote or a statement that goes basically like that!

Emptyness 1: Changes
* you have a traumatic transformation or dissociation scene in play, where your reality gets weird because your true nature is changing or revealing itself.
* you meet and get the chance to help a mysterious child find their way.
* you see a confusing vision, nightmare, or premonition of your or someone else’s death.

  • 1xp/Chapter
    • wrestling with/expressing nameless feelings of loss that make you act unnaturally
    • trying and failing to burn things, to light them on fire
    • getting confused about who and where you are
    • listening to stories about things that were lost when Jade Irinka died
    • talking with somebody about your destiny/nature and what it means
    • talking with somebody about why there’s such a thing as death
    • dealing with acne, braces, your period, ear infections, or other annoyingly intrusive elements of physicality.

Side Quest: Enter

  • 3xp, up to 4
    • You and your guardian Strife!
    • You install the game and connect to your server player
    • You prototype the kernalsprite
    • You make the entry item and activate it in the nick of time
  • 1xp/Chapter
    • complain about your guardian's habits
    • avoid your guardian successfully
    • play a haunting refrain on a musical instrument
    • pester a chum about your difficulties at home
    • your server player makes a mess of your home
    • partake in your hobbies and interests wasting time
    • play with a toy or treasured family heirloom wasting time
    • commit to a weapon and select your Strife Specibus
    • sylladex shenanigans waste your time


Current Status

  • Health Levels
    • 2/2 Normal
    • 1/1 Tough
    • 2/2 Divine
  • Resources
    • 8/8 Will
    • 5/5 MP
  • Issues
  • Progress
    • Active Arc: 0/72xp
    • Quests
      • - Symbolic 0/9xp
      • - Changes 0/21xp
      • - Enter 0/18
    • Unspent XP: 0xp

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