Superior Holistic Herbalism

Most people can make tea at the wrong water temperature or buy stale pills of extracts from their pharmacy. I mean tea is a bag of stuff and hot water usually held in decent regard unless you are a historical Bostonian cosplayer. Add honey and you are golden. However, there are those that are able to coax the millennial forces of life and harmony out of simple tea leaves or smashed plant juice.

Superior Holistic Herbalism -1: Tea, you mean Everclear and fruit punch? Usually makes people feel better for awhile, and then not.
Superior Holistic Herbalism 0: You can put on a kettle for a cold or squeeze the goo out of an aloe leaf for a sunburn.
Superior Holistic Herbalism 1: You know what teas can alleviate symptoms of some sicknesses, and you are aware that essential oils can ease muscle pain.
Superior Holistic Herbalism 2: You pour hot water at exactly the right temperature for each type of tea to make sure the patient gets medicine only nature can provide.
Superior Holistic Herbalism 3: Your teas and extracts are perfect. No organic molecules are ever harmed. Ancient tribal shamans seek your advice on healing.
Superior Holistic Herbalism 4: There is no disease that you cannot cure with tea, extracts, or essential oils.
Superior Holistic Herbalism 5: You can extract the essence of anything in a tea or oil to cure any affliction.

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