The Hand Of Math


  • Color: Orange
  • Symbol: Dulcimer
  • Guardian: The DRY GIANT
  • Sylladex Fetch Modus: Pseudorandom: A convenient combination of the simple and the useless. IMPORTANT NOTE: The random number generation used by the pseudorandom Fetch Modus is not appropriate for actual security purposes.
  • Strife Specibus: Rulerkind
  • Web Browser: Tlaltecuhtli
  • Favorite Media: A MYSTERIOUS PAINTING propped up outside the cage

> Examine room

Before we get to examining the things around you, what is your name?

Your name is ERROR.

Do you really want to be a ERROR? Try again, buster.

Your name is ERROR. You are covered in DUST. You have been making MEANINGLESS SCRATCHINGS in the dirt of your CAGE. It’s almost like you think you’re PEOPLE!

Every so often the DRY GIANT takes you out of your cage and rearranges everything, destroying your MEANINGLESS SCRATCHINGS and forcing you to start over. It is very frustrating.

When you get bored scratching, you can sun yourself on a ROCK, or drink from your WATER TUBE THING. You have been saving half a DEAD CRICKET for later and have been meaning to get back to staring at the MYSTERIOUS PAINTING that the DRY GIANT has propped up next to your cage. It’s a real treat for your beady eyeballs.

You are getting a call on your CELLULAR TELEPHONE.



  • Mathemagic 2
  • Request Aid (Shine 3)
  • Superior Swimming 1
  • Superior Fire Breath 1
  • Glub 1


**BOND: **


Quests and XP

Emotion XP: Oh no, ERROR is in trouble!

Basic Quest: Symbolic

  • 1xp/Scene: There’s something going on. You think it means… you think it… it relates to…

A problem with the math

You can earn a bonus XP towards this quest at any time by declaring that you can feel the touch of it, the thing, the it, the miracle, the strangeness, the dissociation, the unnameable, the it, the thing

—you can phrase it another way; just give some indication that you’re triggering this quest condition—

and then free-associating for a few moments about what your character is experiencing, feeling, thinking.

Talk about being cold, or warm; talk about visions; whatever. Clenching muscles in your arms. Hunger in the sky. Whatever. Random rambles and chill sensations across your back, gnashing stars in the glory beyond the world. That kind of experience, the taste of bugs chattering in the summer, and that brings you in a bonus XP for this quest.

Visionary 0: Changes

  • 3xp
    • you have a traumatic transformation or dissociation scene in play, where your reality gets weird because your true nature is changing or revealing itself.
    • you see a confusing vision, nightmare, or premonition of your or someone else’s death.
    • you meet and get the chance to help a mysterious child find their way.
  • 1xp/Post:
    • wrestling with/expressing nameless feelings of loss that make you act unnaturally
    • trying and failing to burn things, to light them on fire
    • getting confused about who and where you are
    • talking with somebody about your destiny/nature and what it means
    • dealing with a sudden reminder that you are not a person

Side Quest: Enter

  • 3xp, up to 4
    • You and your guardian Strife!
    • You install the game and connect to your server player
    • You prototype the kernalsprite
    • You make the entry item and activate it in the nick of time
  • 1xp/Post
    • complain about your guardian's habits
    • avoid your guardian successfully
    • play a haunting refrain on a musical instrument
    • look up at the sky and see meteors or the word HOUSEKEPT floating in the sky
    • pester a chum about your difficulties at home
    • your server player makes a mess of your home
    • partake in your hobbies and interests wasting time
    • play with a toy or treasured family heirloom wasting time
    • commit to a weapon and select your Strife Specibus
    • sylladex shenanigans waste your time



Sense Falsehood
Type: Miraculous Action [with free Strike = Arc level]
Cost: —

It’s hard to hide the truth of the world from you. You have an intuitive sense for when you’re in a false reality—a dream-state, artificial world, or even just the façade of a happy home put on for company.

This sense is always pinging[1]… . but sometimes it’s just a little louder than others.

This ability occasionally invokes itself reflexively to cause glitches in virtual realities and missing pieces in illusions; you can also invoke it deliberately to test whether you’re in a virtual reality.

[1] If you’re the kind of character who thinks the world qua world is an illusion, anyway

Current Status

  • Health Levels
    • 2/2 Normal
    • 1/1 Tough
    • 2/2 Divine
  • Resources
    • 8/8 Will
    • 5/5
  • Issues
  • Progress
    • Active Arc: 0/72xp
    • Quests
      • - Symbolic 0/9xp
      • - Changes 0/12xp
      • Enter - 7/18
    • Unspent XP: 0xp


Post Header

[url=]ERROR[/url], aka [color=orange]sallySums[/color]
[size=1]Oh no, ERROR is in trouble! XP; 8 Will, 5/5 MP[/size]
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