The Bard Of Space


  • Color: Bright Green
  • Symbol: Trumpet
  • Guardian: My FATHER
  • Sylladex Fetch Modus: Musical Puzzle.
  • Strife Specibus: Trumpetkind, but usually just blasts green sun radiation
  • Web Browser: Nephilim
  • Favorite Media: Christian rock, Bible stories



  • Green Sun Magic 2
  • Pastor's Son 2
  • Science 1
  • Trumpet 1
  • Other People's Weapons 1


**AFFLICTION: I have a destiny vital for Paradox Space but very unfortunate for myself **

**MIRACULOUS POWER: Green Kilometres, 0 MP 1/book, 4 MP any additional times in the same book, blast green radioactive overkill, Major **

Quests and XP

Emotion XP: //Overacted Shiver of Awe/Terror //

Basic Quest: A Divided Nature

  • 1xp/Scene: Flip a sign that reads "Nervous and Nice" on one side and "Confident and Cruel" on the other

Wounded Angel 0: Transcendence

  • Once a Scene propose a theory about what honeysuckleGodhead has asked you to do or would ask you to do in this situation. Use some variant of the catchphrase "honeysuckleGodhead says I/we have to…"

Side Quest: Enter
* You and your guardian Strife!
* You install the game and connect to your server player
* You prototype the kernalsprite
* You make the entry item and activate it in the nick of time

  • 1xp/Chapter
    • complain about your guardian's habits
    • avoid your guardian successfully
    • play a haunting refrain on a musical instrument
    • look up at the sky and see meteors or the word HOUSEKEPT floating in the sky
    • pester a chum about your difficulties at home
    • your server player makes a mess of your home
    • partake in your hobbies and interests wasting time
    • play with a toy or treasured family heirloom wasting time
    • commit to a weapon and select your Strife Specibus
    • sylladex shenanigans waste your time





Current Status

  • Health Levels
    • 2/2 Normal
    • 1/1 Tough
    • 2/2 Divine
  • Resources
    • 8/8 Will
    • 5/5
  • Issues
  • Progress
    • Active Arc: 0/72xp
    • Quests
      • - Divided 0/9xp
      • - Transcendence 0/24xp
      • - Enter - 3/18
    • Unspent XP: 0xp


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