Caspian Wright

Description: Caspian Wright has mostly well-managed shaggy brown hair, tends to wear baggy clothing with excess pockets, and loves leaning back with a terrible posture because it's the most comfortable way to sit. Combined with his angular nose, he might resemble a large bird if seen from a distance on days when he's wearing a jacket. He isn't a fan of extra work, but loves the inner workings of systems, be they mechanical or situational. You have more time to yourself if you can finish a test quickly, so learn what it is that teachers look for and learn to emulate that during tests. This holds true for many things, and Caspian's love of it all lead to a love for gadgets and literacy with the arcane mechanisms that help day to day life run more smoothly (and how to sidestep the hiccups that pop up when the mechanisms break down.)

This love of presentation and technology led to a strange appointment: President of the A/V club! Caspian hadn't been aware of the A/V club before, and was surprised to learn that it had sat mostly without members for quite some time for some reason. After accepting the position and all the rights and responsibilities therein, a strange sensation began to creep over and through him.

In time, he learned that he now housed a creature called The Chiosian Sphinx, an ancient beast that was hungry for the people of the world who couldn't live up to its standards of guile. Caspian isn't sure why this beast has become inextricably linked to the office of A/V club president, or why it seems to have taken the form of the mechanisms surrounding it, but Caspian is willing to be its host until his term ends. Until then, he and the sphinx share a love of duplicity and shortcuts, even if their reasons for loving them are wildly different.

Academic Ability: Tests Well
Athletic Ability: Doctor's Note, Forged Signature
Blood Type: B Positive
Relatable Animal: Blue Jay
Favorite Food: Gummy Worms

-Discover a Convenient Shortcut 1
-A/V Club Duties 2
-Schoolwork 1
-Problem Solving 2

Arcs: Wounded Angel (Chiosian Sphinx) 1

Current Arc: Wounded Angel (Chiosian Sphinx) 2

XP Emotion: Head-Desk

Basic Quest: Memento of the Future (Caspian hoards old technology and pieces of collectible games that he can tinker with. Once per scene he may gain 1 XP when he encounters some useful older tech, playable piece, or tries fashioning one on his own. “That’s a keeper!” (15 XP Generic Melodramatic quest)

Storyline Quest:
-Science! AKA The Problem of Period Pi (24 XP Blue storyline quest)

Caspian has been tasked with arranging the timely scheduled delivery of slide projectors, VHS players, television sets, and laser-disc readers to different classes and clubs, but it discovering that the schedules don't seem to mesh with any officially available school schedule. Some students go to classes between periods that are right next to each other, and deliveries to classes at these times are proving impossible (or, at least, mutually exclusive.) Why is this happening? Is there some arrangement that can keep all the teachers and clubs happy? How do you even number class periods that seemingly happen between the ticks of the clock?

Major Goals
The HG can award 3 XP toward this quest when:
[ ]you fall under the burden of the quest: something explicitly puts the problem in
your hands, or you explicitly take it up;
[ ]you construct some sort of defensive perimeter;
[ ]you encounter Jade Irinka, the former sun, or the Headmaster of the Bleak
[ ]three chapters slip by without obvious IC progress on the quest.

Caspian can earn each bonus once for a total of up to 20 XP

Quest Flavor
1/chapter, you can earn a bonus XP towards this quest through:

*sympathizing with, or assisting, the outcast and the wrong;
*dreams calling you to a place of danger
*listening to stories of strange things happening in Big Lake;
*regaling people with a legend of some epic danger related to the quest — typically a legend invented by your player but occasionally forwarded from previous discussions with the HG;
*complaining to the other PCs about the progress of your investigations/work;
*reluctantly allowing yourself to be dragged away from it; or
*reluctantly allowing others to get involved with it

You can combine this with an XP Action, but you’re not required to.

Perks: [Characters can only have up to 8]]
-Leashed Fury: May spend roughly 0 MP to talk to Chios, or spend more MP or extra time to command Chios to do something, with extra expenditures to do things that would be “against the nature of the beast.”

-Jane Smith 1: Caspian sought out Jane after realizing his plight with the Sphinx to see if it might have a more immediate solution than just waiting out the club presidency's term.

-Dramatic: *Steps out from under slideshow projector* “Well THERE’S your problem! Something like that’s expensive to fix, really expensive. How many hours until your class presentation again?”
-Devices (A/V gear and tools in the Remarkable Rucksack, granting a +2 bonus to SCIENCE!)
-Divine Health: 2 bonus Divine Health levels

-Blasphemy: The Chiosian Sphinx is inextricably linked with School’s A/V equipment and with School’s positively archaic computer network. Not exactly an evil spirit, not exactly a constantly evolving AI, and not exactly an ancient mythical beast, Chios inhabits whatever poor soul has been fooled into managing School’s A/V club. Woe to any who slays the A/V Club President, for with their death the Sphinx will spill into School, and perhaps Town beyond it, transmuting the world into one of artifice, needless complexity, and anxiety, all of which is designed to make the dim-witted into meals for Chios.
-Empowered Wounds: may take a “ritual wound” to bind something to himself as a power source. (Need to decide the way this works) At Arc 1+ this allows for a new miraculous ability that can be used 1/chapter or at any time. These powers replace the normal benefit of wounds. Wounds taken in this way can’t be healed in any way save through the Recover ability. At Arc 2+ it allows for an Imperial ability that empowers or strengthens him, though it has to be about *him* and not something that attacks or changes someone else. (Alternately, it may *also* give a third ability that completes or competes with the other two).

-Recover: May stop empowering a wound at any time allowing him to (potentially) heal from a wound. Associated powers go away and I gain a new wounded Divine Health Level. This isn’t instantly healed, it’s just possible to heal.

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