What Could Go Wrong?

This is a tabletop (face-to-face) game, but characters, recaps, and resources from the game are available online.

Campaign Concept: A diverse group of 15-year-old friends spend their afternoons hanging in Arcadia (the shopping district of Town) after school or work. They excel at finding trouble … things quickly snowball from there.

Genre: Immersive Fantasy.


  • Player Characters
    • Falkus - Rider, matchmaker, and planner extraordinaire
    • Kaseus DeNoir - Purveyor of black-market "literature" (test answers)
    • Keaton Inari - Fox-eared merchant of the family push-cart
    • Miruna Minodova - Formerly enslaved nun, now vampire masochist in denial
    • Rosalin - Abandoned animated ball-joint doll with emotion issues
    • Yatskaya Matamune - Philosophic dreamer and friend of the cats



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