Walking The Walk

A Chuubo's game starring in alphabetical order:

Pastoral XP Actions

  • Shared Action: Connecting to someone who is doing simple and honest work
  • Shared Reaction: You’re having a relatively open discussion with someone — something that touches on stuff that matters to you, and isn’t just formalities and etiquette.

Slice of Life: You just had an emotional reaction to something in the world.

Genre Conventions

  • Masks are extremely effective disguises
  • Turning into a giant snake will not help
  • Your life will grow stagnant if you don't reach for your dreams

Fortitude Properties

  • Things must have simplicity
  • Things can't move quickly
  • Work must be fruitful
  • People must remember where they came from
  • You have a home in Fortitude

Important NPCs

  • (none yet)

Links and Notes

  • This game uses a 3/5 XP ratio rather than the one assumed in the normal game. Therefore, all XP costs for quests are reduced 40%, but Major Quest Goals give +3 XP rather than +5.
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