Unbearable Legacies

A campaign of the aftermath of a man's death.

Properties and Conventions

XP Actions

  • Shared Action
  • Shared Reaction
  • Slice of Life
  • Obsessive Action


  • Masks make for effective disguises
  • Turning into a giant snake cannot help
  • There is always a solution of final, terrible resort.


  • People must accept what is happening around them as normal.
  • People must have some reason to worry.
  • Each person in the School must experience exactly three events between classes.
  • You can never experience the “middle” of a class unless extremely bored.
  • Teachers must be obsessive, delusional, or wicked.
  • People must have school spirit unless recently hurt or bullied.
  • There must be delinquents, bullies, and cliques.

The Main Players

The Supporting Cast

Important Groups and Organizations


Side Chapter Characters

Points of Interest

HG Quests

XP Action Record


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