The Too Far Outpost

Genre: Pastoral

The following are Genre actions.

  • Shared Action, where you find someone's who doing something simple, and honest — chores, studying, fishing, or whatever — and connect with them as they work;
  • Shared Reaction, where you talking things through with someone — sort out your head and/or theirs about stuf that's been going on; and
  • Slice of Life, where you travel, admire the scenery, have a meandering conversation about nothing in particular; in general experience stuff and emote your reactions to it.

Festivals offer an additional action that week to participate

There are 3 special meta actions or rituals that can also be taken as actions

  • A poet of a later time wrote Compose a poem about a momentous moment that just happened (the novels are full of situations like this)
  • Phoenix Eyes and Flowery Robes Notable Characters have a description of often odd traits in the novels. Offer such a description.
  • De from Ren and Li When you debate the righteousness of your actions using precedent, take an XP action.


  • "I have eyes but failed to see Taishan"

Characters with Miracle points will be able to recognize each other, and know that they are important.

  • The righteous Emperor is the master of men, equal to any god

The Emperor is proof against magics, spells, and miracles


The Too Far Outpost
On the edge of of the Empire, far enough from everywhere to be nowhere at all, sits the Too Far Outpost. Left to its own devices for generations, it is a queer place of old magic and strange secrets.

But now the Empire turns its eyes, once more, towards the Outpost.

The Properties of the the Too Far Outpost are:

  • The Outpost is equally distant from everywhere else.
  • Change comes from the inside
  • Everyone leaves something behind
  • The build up is precarious
  • Answers can be found in the build up
  • Cultural and Language differences aren't important until they are

Dramatis Personae

Main Characters

Supporting Cast

  • Ma Dun, a Righteous Bandit
  • Malchin, a wandering minstrel
  • Golden Sand, a Local
  • The Auntie, a Local leader
  • Yehe Batubilige, master of the tusul zhunun ikh ortoo
  • Naran, wife of Yehe Batubilige
  • De Ping, Elder of the tusul zhunun ikh ortoo
  • Dorjiserong, Abbot of the monastery at the tusul zhunun ikh ortoo
  • Ananada, older monk at tusul zhunun ikh ortoo
  • Champa, Liu Peng, Rongzong and Dolma, Po Wenshu: monks at tusul zhunun ikh ortoo
  • Buhe, a Local monk at tusul zhunun ikh ortoo
  • Ban Zhouhui, Zhao Shendong's best student
  • Sun Jianguo, Zhao Shendong's student (has horse tatoos)
  • Han Luoping, a messenger with a "horse that sweats blood"
  • Angchin, the best hunter at the tusul zhunun ikh ortoo
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