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The Main Players

The Crystal Gems

  • Ametrine, Played by PoetikDragon (suspected gone)
  • Anatase, Played by Woekitten (formerly Cannonball)
  • Apatite, Played by DeafNotDumb
  • Mystic Topaz, Played by Felix
  • Olivine, Played by GivingTree (formerly MrPrim)


The Supporting Cast


  • Rose Quartz, former leader of the crystal gems and reverse MacGuffin [DECEASED]
  • Unnamed Scary Armored Homeworld Gem Leader
  • Homeworld Apatite, outfitted with liquid metal limbs instead of projected ones
  • Jet, a young Gem with power over earth and stone


  • The Orange Rhinoceros/Jasper
  • The Crystal Creature/Selenite

The People of Beach City

  • Dr and Mr Vaghasiya, Heather's Parents
  • Lars and Sadie
  • Diana Magnus, Proprietor of Beach City Records

A Basic Timeline

  • ~5000 years ago, Rose Quartz leads a rebellion against the Gem Homeworld over the matter of Earth. She is the only survivor.
  • a short while later, Rose accidentally restores a Corrupted Gem named Olivine. She is never able to repeat this act.
  • 300-20 years ago, Apatite comes to Earth as a loyal Homeworld gem on a mission of conquest/
  • 20-10 years ago, Rose Quartz falls in love with Arthur Conan Universe. Arthur moves into the lighthouse atop the temple.
  • 10 years ago, the Homeworld attacks. Apatite defects, joining the Crystal Gems. Rose helps to heal and stabilize a Homeworld fusion cluster creating an infant gem named Mystic Topaz. Rose dies repelling the Homeworld. The gems must pick up the pieces without her. Anatase shows up, how she do.
  • 0-10 years ago, Mystic Topaz meets and befriends Heather Vaghasiya. They become bffs.



Shared Action: When you find someone working on something relatively simple and honest and try to reach out to them and connect, you can tag that as a Shared Action.
Examples: Steven reaching out to Peedee in “Frybo”. Steven reaching out to Connie in “Sworn to the Sword”. Greg and Pearl bonding while fixing Greg's van.

Shared Reaction: This is just about forging emotional connections through talking and openness.
Examples: Pearl and Amethyst making up in “On the Run”. Steven and Greg in the non-flashback parts of “Story for Steven”. Virtually every interaction between Steven and Lapis Lazuli.

Slice of Life: This is about the moods and emotional experiences of stimuli. Rephrased in English, what that means is that you see or hear or smell something and get lost in the emotion it causes. You see a pretty sunset and go “gosh, that's pretty”. You think about how things went with Lapis Lazuli while looking at the ocean and emote getting kicked repeatedly in the feels with heavy boots. That kind of thing.
Examples: Pearl pointing out the beauty of the Strawberry Fields. Steven shivering with fear at his first sight of Kindergarten. Sadie and Steven being reduced to tears by Rose's tape in “Lion 3: Direct-To-Video”.

Obsessive Action: This is about having an idea and following through a little too enthusiastically because you refuse to let go or fail. These ideas don't have to be bad, and they don't have to end badly, but it should usually be clear that your desire to complete it isn't entirely rational.
Examples: Steven getting so sidetracked by packing that he leaves the Moon Goddess Statue behind in “Cheeseburger Backpack”. Pearl nearly getting herself and Steven killed in “Space Race”. Garnet taking risks with Steven's emotional stability in “Future Vision”. Steven nearly getting himself killed chasing what turned out to be Peridot in the Warp in “Warp Tour”.

XP Action Log (Current Chapter Only)

Slice of Life (Anatase)
X (Anatase)
Be In Trouble (Apatite)
Shared Action (Apatite)
Shared Action (Arthur)
Obsessive Action (Arthur)
Slice of Life (Olivine)
X (Olivine)
Slice of Life (Topaz)
Shared Action (Topaz)

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