Stars Fallen On An Endless Sea

Genre: Adventure Fantasy

The following are Genre actions.

  • Science, Faith, and Sorcery, where you come up with a theory about how something works, and then you test it out.
  • Decisive Action, where you decide to do something
  • Wicked Action, where you decide to do something… wrong.
  • (Being in) Trouble, where something really scary is happening,


The Sea Outside
There is a vast sea of chaos. From the decks of the sun, you can see it stretching out before you, water in all directions. From up there, that's all there is. When the Angel of the Sun fell and the Outside boiled over and flash flooded all of Existence, nothing else remained.

The Inimitable Solar Engine
High above everything, the sun shines; a great flying engine that illuminates the waters of Outside in all directions. It is a vast baroque artifice, all gleaming brass and walkways; a grand nuclear mechanism moving across the sky, pushing the waters away with the pressure of its light.

The Properties of the Inimitable Solar Engine are:

  • You must reconcile the divided and the antithetical.
  • You must keep things in good order.
  • Your emotions must have a tangible impact on the world.
  • The lake must be tranquil.
  • You must see far, and see clearly.
  • You must have a talent for expression.
  • A terrible beauty must reside in everything, though it may hide beneath the surfaces of things.

Dramatis Personae

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