Chuubo's Marvelous Semantic Pirates!

The Quest for The Great Ontological Treasures

They say that the Pirates are just bloodthirsty savages who sail the seas and only plunder, pillage and do other dastardly deeds that start with the letter P. It is a fact that it is not true. Or at least it wasn't true. It is said, that before the Sun died several families of Pirates were protectors of the Great Ontological Treasures, which ensured that the Being would continue to be. But for the last several ages the art of piracy was in decline, as well as the number of pirates themselves.

This is a campaign set on the Seas of Outside, aboard the ship called Didactic Albatross and is about discovery of the pieces of the worlds, adventures therein and hopefully finding some of the Treasures.

Since part of the story is transition from Mundane to Miraculous and that isn't described in the core book, we go with the rule that Arc Quests have an extra reward of +1 Divine Health level (Max 2) and +1 MP (Max 5).

Main Characters (so far)


Darcy "the Albatross" Merron is secretly a Swashbuckling Pirate and teacher of the ways of the Piracy


The Lost Treasure of Thesaurus

Genre: Adventure Fantasy/Techno

XP Actions:

  • Science, Faith, and Sorcery — how something works? propose an idea & then test it.
  • Decisive Action — your hopes, dreams, plans, actions or thoughts! Turn them into something definitive or decisive, something you can't retreat from.
  • Wicked Action — doing something that you know that you shouldn't? embrace it full power in the hazy delirium of self-indulgence!
  • (Be in) Trouble — you hear the howling of Cŵn Annwn, this is going to be overwhelming and overmatching!
  • Foreshadowing — you notice something that captivates you! Hopefully it will become important later.
  • Discovery — something unexpected is found when doing something, or investigating something! and it is neat, mysterious, and has an impact on you!
  • Ritual/Transition — there are a lot of stock action sequences, transformation sequences, even perhaps opening credits (and other things), this is perhaps going to be big thing for an action, or perhaps not.
  • And Sympathetic Action/Shock (although this one is perhaps downplayed a bit) — if you find someone to be awestruck or are awestruck yourself help them, or get helped yourself.


Didactic Albatross is a Schooner and mini-region with following properties (so far):

  • Things must get entertaining and/or educational once something is sighted on the horizon.
  • Weapons alone cannot win battles on the Didactic Albatross.

Or perhaps they are genre conventions we are yet to see.

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