Seeds Of The New Moon

Potential Character Ideas

Some ideas I've had, if you need any assistance. You could play….

  • The New Girl, Eunice Sondheim, if you want
    • to be endearingly awkward
    • to find a place for yourself
    • to make others want to protect you

(or are you the boy variant, Henry Sondheim, the New Boy?)

  • The Rebel, Inigo Mizuna, if you want
    • to be exceedingly cool (but rude)
    • to be tough-as-nails
    • to fight against the system

(or are you the girl variant, India Mindesh, the Rebel?)

  • The Prom Queen, Sophie Timmons, if you want
    • to be the prettiest girl in school
    • to make friends easily
    • to make people smile despite themselves

(or are you the boy variant, Ananda Thompson, the Prom King?)

  • The Overachiever, Liam McFinn, if you want
    • to be good at, well, everything
    • to go over-the-top with worry
    • to have a secret you're trying to make up for

(or are you the girl variant, Saoirse McFinn, the Overachiever?)

  • The Student Body Treasurer, Glass Spider, if you want
    • to have an evil plan to save the world
    • to be mysterious, otherworldly, and dangerous
    • to mess with people's heads

(or are you the girl variant, Hidden Moon, the Student Body Treasurer?)

  • The Exchange Student, Streymoy Arrheboe-Bondi, if you want
    • to be dazzled by new experiences
    • to be a bit alien and wrestle with divided loyalties
    • to have a weird name

(or are you the girl variant, also named Streymoy Arrheboe-Bondi, the Exchange Student?)

  • The School Spirit, Rula Chen, if you want
    • to be dead and not sure how you feel about it
    • to be bonded to Reality's infrastructure
    • to have great responsibilities you don't quite understand

(or are you the boy variant, Ross Chen, the School Spirit?)

  • The Worldly Lunch Lady, Azuna Matsuoka, if you want
    • to be above the politicking of students
    • to bestow solemn and unexpected wisdom
    • to hide a hidden power

(or are you the male variant, Nobu Yamada, the Worldly Janitor?)

Or would you rather…

  • Play as the Wishing Boy, the Child of the Sun, or any of the other Main Characters from Fortitude: The Glass-Maker's Dragon?
  • Play as a Shrine Maiden, Fortitude Rat, or one of the other character types from Fortitude: By the Docks of Big Lake?
  • Play as the Iconoclast, the Ogre Sensei, or one of the other, as-yet unpublished, Horizon Main Characters?
  • Play as something else you made up?
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