Horizon: The Mysteries of Horizon School


The Main Characters and their Families

  • Emmanuel "Manny" Bogs
    • ? (Father
    • ? (Mother)
    • Elizabeth (Older Sister)
    • Daniel (Younger Brother)
    • Ariel (Younger Sister)
  • Tian Kun, The Gravekeeper
  • Vasilisa Titov, The Rumor-Witch
    • Iskander (Father)
    • Nirmala (Mother)
    • Jason Pyotr (Older Brother)
    • Soramir (Older Brother)
    • Ezther (Older Sister)
    • Isabella (Younger Sister)
    • Di├ína (The Help)
  • Inigo Malazumi, Rebel Prince of Horizon
  • Kagami Delacroix Vasili, Ace Detective
  • Adelaide Langbard Mk II, the Mad Scientist's Daughter
    • The Margrave of Langbard Manor (Father; Missing)
    • ? (Mother; Deceased(?))
    • Adelaide1 (Sister/Predecessor/Prototype; Deceased)
    • ? (Younger Brother; Missing)

Notable Figures

  • Anko Moritaka (Editor)
  • Eunice Sondheim (New girl who knows something about Adelaide's brother)
  • Lee Scathing (Head of the Disciplinary Committee)
  • Prithya Morat (Cellist lost between classes)

Bit Parts

  • Cambion "Chubby" Portsmouth (Inigo's Vampire flunkie)
  • Sutherland Collins (Inigo's Vampire Second-in-Command)
  • ? (The Girl Hall Monitor)

Faculty and Staff

  • Principal Entropy II (Magister, King of the Evil World and Principal of Horizon School)
  • Doctor-Professor Janine Bigglesworth, PhD, DDS, ASpD. (The Cutest teacher in School)
  • Mr. Davidson (the Eerie Music Teacher)
  • Mr. Direwood (Just a tree)
  • Mr. Morgan (Not very happy)
  • Mrs. Rosewood (the Ogre-Sensei)
  • Ms. Senko (the Practical Teacher)
  • Mr. Yamada (the Janitor)
  • Ms. Yatskaya (the Teacher of Dark Language Arts)
  • Dr. Hermes Zhang (the Mystical visionary)
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