Seeds Of The New Moon


The Astronomy Club

  • Faculty Adviser: Doctor-Professor Janine Bigglesworth, PhD, DDS, ASpD. (The Cutest teacher in School)
  • Members:

The Gardening Club

  • Faculty Adviser: Mr. Direwood (Dreads caterpillar season)
  • Founding (Only) Member: Tian Kun (Main Character; Zombie)

The Motorcycle Repair Club

  • Faculty Adviser:
  • Members:
    • Inigo Malizuna (Main Character; Rage Against the Dying of the Light)

The Mystery Club

  • Faculty Adviser: Ms. Yatskaya (Mysterious Teacher)
  • Members:
    • Kagami Delacroix Vasili (Main Character; Detective)

The Photography Club

  • Faculty Adviser: Dr. Zhang (Visionary)
  • Members:
    • Vasilisa Titov (Main Character; Rumorsmith)

The Sailing Club

  • Faculty Adviser:
  • Members:
    • Alex Hashimoto (Main Character; Fox Pirate)

The School Newspaper

  • Faculty Adviser: Mrs. Rosewood (The Ogre-Sensei)
  • Editor: Anko Moritaka (Perpetually Buried in Paperwork)
  • Assistant-Editor: Vasilisa Titov (Main Character; Rumorsmith)

The Shop Club

  • Faculty Adviser:
  • Members:
    • Emmanuel Bogs (Main Character; Scrapmetal Worker)

The SEED Program

  • Faculty Adviser: Principal Entropy II (Him)
  • Members:
    • Kagami Delacroix Vasili (Main Character; Mirror World)
    • Alex Hashimoto (Main Character; Apocalypse-Waiting-to-Happen)
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