Horizon: The Many Mysteries of Horizon School

One day, the Sun died, and the world drowned. It happened, everybody saw it, you can ask them if you don't believe me.

Of course, the whole world didn’t drown. Even in the dark, Town still existed, with the waves of nothing lapping against its shores. Why is that, do you think? Well, whatever the reason, I’m sure it doesn’t have anything to do with the enormous, bizarre, and occultly significant School being deep in Horizon’s heart… or with the way the lights in the sky seem to be completely different than what they were before….

No siree….

Horizon: Under the Shadow of the School

The setting of the campaign is Horizon. It's creepy and stressful and exciting, but… mostly creepy. Its where Town's only true high school resides. The school is called School. The following things are true here:

  • People must accept what is happening around them as normal.
  • People must have some reason to worry.
  • Each person in the School must experience exactly three events between classes.
  • You can never experience the “middle” of a class unless extremely bored.
  • Teachers must be obsessive, delusional, or wicked.
  • People must have school spirit unless recently hurt or bullied.
  • There must be delinquents, bullies, and cliques.

This campaign has the following conventions, counting as level 2 Afflictions:

  • Masks are extremely effective disguises.
  • Turning into a giant snake will not help.
  • Being in a club is like being part of a family

Genre: Techno

The week is exciting and stressful, filled with wonder and stylized excitement. Monday you might have an exciting daydream during Literature, Tuesday a high stakes game of dodgeball in P.E., Wednesday detention in the depths of School, Thursday a fast-paced food fight and flight from the hall monitors, and, Friday, finally, a Geometry test/battle against the Bleak substitute teacher.

The in-genre actions for the Techno genre are:

  • Sympathetic Action, where you see someone who’s all frozen up (from emotion, shock, a sudden change of context, the spotlight suddenly on them) and you express comfort, reassurance, or sympathy;
  • Foreshadowing, where you pay a lot of attention to something. After a while, you react or emote; and
  • Discovery, where you’re exploring somewhere you’ve never been, or trying something that you’ve never done—and you find or learn something!

There’s also a special variant on Sympathetic Action, where the person who’s “all frozen up” takes the XP Action instead; when that happens, it’s called

  • Shock.

As well as the two special actions:

  • (Triggering or Participating in a) Ritual, a special event where things get a little weird and abstract, with special game rules, psychedelic phenomena, and/or strange in- character posing. Think magical girl transformations, cinematic drug trips, and travel montages; and
  • (Reacting to a) Transition, where things get so weird and metaphysical that you go out of normal play entirely. Think stock footage, minigames, religious experiences, and random chapter-header poetry in novels.

This genre also has the following special Issue:

  • Hollow

Character Creation

This will be a Miraculous game. Each player will begin with

  • Two Perks and
  • Two Levels of Miraculous Arcs.

All characters must be Students, Staff, or Faculty of School. The average age of the Main Characters ought to be around 15 (well, you know, [i]act[/i] around 15, what with ghosts and vampires the chronological number isn’t the important one). I’d definitely rather most of the characters be students, with occasional student-teacher, faculty member, or worldly mentor.

The lowering of the number of Miraculous Arcs from Glass-Maker’s Dragon means that anyone who wants to play one of the mains from GMD is going to have to prune off one of their Arc levels.

If anyone is interested, I have a list of suggested “pregen” characters I plotted out (but never actually statted up) for if I were to turn this game into a GMD-style mini-supplement. I’m not going to do that… I just thought it would be a neat way to present the brief character ideas.

Main Characters

Setting Information


PbP XP Rules

  • All XP costs and XP awards are reduced by 2/5 (Minimum of 1xp)
    • Quests are 9xp, 12xp, 15xp, etc
    • 5xp Quest bonus awards are 3xp
  • The Simple Quest/Emotion XP timers reset after ten posts

Custom Rituals

Current Status

HG Cheat Sheet
XP pool: 7xp

Book 1

Into the Mirror World
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