Rustic Vale Spring

Rustic Vale: The Long Spring

An adventure for Chuubo's Marvelous Wish Granting Engine

Welcome to the town of Rustic Vale, a pleasant little community far to the west of Soma Village, on the very edge of where the Real and the Outside meet. Overlooked by the Castle of Eternal Night, high in the Doomblood Mountains, Rustic Vale is home to farmers, lumberjacks, miners, and adventurers. Lots of adventurers.

It's a good thing that they're around, though, since they're sort of your lifeblood.

Campaign: Gothic

The following are standard genre actions. You can do other actions, but try to focus on these.

  • Slice of Life: You spend a moment really living your day.
    To do the action, The image or moments sticks with you or You get lost in the mood.
  • Shared Action: You spend time doing something wholesome with another PC.
    To do the action, Reach out to them. Try to connect.
  • Shared Reaction: You and another PC share a reaction to a major event.
    To do the action, Reach out to them. Try to connect.
  • Obsessive Action: You become obsessed with something that is happening.
    To do the action, Tip over the edge into obsession, or Just… kind of short out and shut down mentally. You're done.

Conventions and Properties

Game Conventions

  • There is Always a Chance to Solve a Problem
  • Nothing Lasts Forever
  • Everyone Has a Dream

The Properties of Rustic Vale

  • You are safe here.
  • This place is real.
  • There are secrets to be discovered.
  • There are friends to be made.
  • You can find peace.


Former PCs


  • Robin Flynn - Scarlet's archery school rival
    • Ulysses Non - Robin's lazy apprentice
  • Sasha Nishimura (aka 'Kid') - Scarlet's apprentice, a former temple orphan.
  • Jack Curran - The town librarian. Interested in Tanja.
  • Master Sergey - A traveling puppetmaster. Plans to put on an amazing show
  • The Peculiar Peyton - Another traveling puppetmaster. Plans to put on an exciting show.


  • Rustic Vale
  • The Five Dread Realms
    • The Dark Woods
    • The Lower Mines
    • The Absurdly Spacious Sewers
    • The Doomblood Mountains
    • The Castle of Eternal Night
  • The Seaside

Chapter Summaries

Current Chapter: XP Actions

  • TBD

Links and Notes

The three quest sets being tested:

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