Professor Es Academy

The world…

Think X-Men (the 90s cartoon or the 80s and 90s comic) or Young Justice.

This is set on Earth, or at least how a comic book would depict Earth. About a generation or so ago, people with special powers began to appear, called the Miraculous or Miracle Workers. There’s no common source to the Miraculous’ powers; they could be aliens, magic, building power armor, etc. You are young Miracle Workers — probably mostly in your mid-teens — who are dealing with your powers.

An academy was started for young Miraculous by one powerful person, Professor E. Professor E mysteriously vanished, but his young ward, E. II, continues to run it. The E Academy beleives that Miraculous can and should help the world. It also believes, contrary to many, that the Miraculous and ordinary people can get along.

Not all people share E’s vision. There’s also a rival gang of Miraculous who believe that ordinary humans are, sadly, an existential threat to them. They are run by a powerful Miracle Worker they usually refer to as The Headmaster. He believes that the Miraculous’ sole hope of survival is to create a “Far Domain,” a floating space station where they can be safe from humans. Otherwise, humans may need to be wiped out to keep the Miraculous safe, the Headmaster feels.

In the campaign, you’ll learn to use your superpowers, fight crime, deal with the moral issues of E’s philosophy vs. the Headmaster’s, and most importantly deal with the struggle of growing up different.

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Our Heroes In Training

Charles Entworth Jr., E2 played by Taylor4
Jasper Irinka, Lady Sun played by Fluorite
Natalia Koutolika, Ice Heart played by Troy2012
Jasmine A. Pokoulipts, Zen Girl played by MrPrim
Simone Sato, The Mechanical Grrl played by Dominance DuPree

Genre: Gothic

XP Actions

421853623576952842.png?v=1 Shared Action: Reach out to someone doing something simple and honest. Try to connect.
421853623576952842.png?v=1 Shared Reaction: Reach out to someone. Try to connect.
421853556862222344.png?v=1 Slice of Life: React to the world. Get stuck in a moment or lost in a mood.
421853635346169866.png?v=1 Obsessive Action Tip over the edge into obsession; or, Just… kind of short out and shut down mentally. You’re done.


  • Normal people can't bring themselves to trust the Miraculous.
  • Nobody is irredeemable.

Region Properties

Professor E's Academy For Miraculous Youths

  • You can find a friend here.
  • The focus is never on academics.
  • Everything is laid out in a labyrinthine fashion.
  • There is light everywhere.
  • You can assume you have access to basic necessities.
  • Big things happen if you lose your way1

The Danger Room

  • You must misjudge the danger
  • You can truly test yourself, or you can enjoy yourself, but not both
  • It doesn’t matter if it’s real

Corsica, NY

  • Problems are small scale, though they may not feel that way.
  • There is a blue collar vibe
  • Those associated with the university must be haughty.
  • Everyone has a strong opinion on the Miraculous

New York City

  • The streets are crowded
  • The people are jaded
  • This is the big leagues
  • The sights and buildings are impressive
  • Museums must have desirable things.
  • Businessmen must be weaselly.23
  • Research is driven to go awry

The Far Domain

  • You are far above the Earth. Stars and actinic darkness are all around you.
  • There is an austere silence.
  • The view keeps changing.
  • If you will it, you can make it happen.
  • If you make it happen, you have to live with the results.

NPCs and Plot Details

The Supporting Cast

Points of Interest

The Academy And Its Grounds
The Danger Room
The nearby town of Corsica and Corsica University

XP Action Record

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