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Once upon a time, so the story goes, God and the Devil opened one School each. One was in the middle of a terrible nightmare and the other was set amidst a beautiful and magical dream. They took new names, then, God and the Devil did. One of them, he called himself Principal Entropy. The other, the Headmaster of the Bleak Academy. Then Principal Entropy died. Or, if you like, his son killed him. The matter’s a bit ambiguous. Everybody’s got a theory and nobody’s got any kind of proof. He’s dead now, anyhow, and his son rules in his place. He’s the one who’s God or the Devil now, and I’m afraid that I don’t know which.

Gothic Adventure

The following are Genre actions.

  • Slice of Life: You spend a moment really living your day.
    To do the action, The image or moments sticks with you or You get lost in the mood.
  • Shared Action: You spend time doing something wholesome with another PC.
    To do the action, Reach out to them. Try to connect.
  • Shared Reaction: You and another PC share a reaction to a major event.
    To do the action, Reach out to them. Try to connect.
  • Obsessive Action: You become obsessed with something that is happening.
    To do the action, Tip over the edge into obsession, or Just… kind of short out and shut down mentally. You're done.


  • Masks are very effective disguises
  • Your life will stagnate if you don't chase your dreams


The Properties of Horizon and its School:

  • People must accept what is happening around them as normal
  • People must have some reason to worry
  • Each person in School must experience exactly three events between classes
  • You can never experience the "middle" of a class unless extremely bored
  • Teachers must be obsessive, delusional or wicked
  • People must have school spirit unless recently hurt or bullied
  • There must be delinquents, bullies and cliques

Dramatis Personae

Main Characters

Supporting Cast

  • Principal Entropy II, Magister, Son of God or the Devil, Principal of School
  • The Headmaster of the Bleak Academy, the Lord of Death's Dominion He
  • Mr. and Mrs. Rosewood, adult ogres who serve Entropy as teachers
  • The Chiosian Sphinx, a machine creature of complexity and anxiety
  • Bleak Jane, the version of Jane that attends the Bleak Academy
  • Ibi and Hana, Mimi's parents who run the family Shrine
  • The Student Council, mysterious masked shards of the first Entropy's "sins" who each have their own method of finishing the SEED project and making a new world
  • The Sanzu River Gang, a group of delinquents with vague demonic origin



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