Plague Cat

Name: Weaver Dahli, the power of Dreams

XP-Emotion: Wow

Past-Arcs: Shepherd 3

Current Arc: Otherworldly

Estate: Dreams

Quests: Science (Simplified) 0/ XP

Basic Quest: Tending my Estate "What a beautiful Dream" is the pastoral catch-phrase 0/15 XP

Properties of Dreams:

Dreams reflect the heart of the dreamer 3

Dreams eventually end 2

Dreams struggle to be realized 2

Aspect: 0

Domain: 4

Persona: 1

Treasure: 0

Mortal skills and passions:

Superior Dreamer 4

"Dreams are serious art, really!" 3

Cat-lover 1

Shine 1 (from Persona 1)

Connection: Iklis 1 (from Perk)


Active Immortality 6 points

Flight 1 Point

Invisible 1 point

Shapeshifter 2

Bonds & Afflictions:

Bond: I must serve the sanctity of my Estate 3

Bond: I will make my perfect work of art 3

Affliction: Holy rituals and symbols affect me 4

Affliction: I know your true desire 3

Perks: Connection Iklis

Lotus FLower
My Power My Nature
*Inspirational *Glorious
*Describe: Subtle *Set apart
*Extraordinary: Destined to be Noble
*Mystery Cult: I share power with a mystery cult

Water Lilly
My Retreat Burdens
*Artistic *My duties as a power
*Epic: Bored with Reality *Nemesis: Baku always eat my creations!
*Beautiful: Inspirational *Mortal Friends: I still have a mortal life to occasionally deal with.
*Song of the Wild: Everyone should realize their dreams of themselves

Domain Miracle Chart
0: Know when Dreams are in trouble with 4 strike for 0MP
1: create illusionary desires fuel visions for 0 MP
2: Know minor facts about a dream whether in the aspiration or night time fantasy sense also for 0MP
3: Lesser Preservation strengthen, lengthen or otherwise preserve a dream. Notice: the estate eventually complains if preserved for too long. 0MP
4: I can make up a new dream, or shape its characteristics for OMP. My mainstay in the art of dream-making. 0MP
5: for one MP I can reluctantly remove all or part of a dream from someone
5: I can also for 1MP use dreams to see the future or collect a bunch of information about something especially someones desires
6: Like level 3 but costs 2MP and is an even stronger effect.
6: I can change the context of a Dream for 2MP such as switch the dreams of people or change the ultimate goal of someones elses dream to give them a destiny
7: I can make multiple dreams at once or alter the content pretty much at a large scale for 4MP
8: Mass destruction of my Estate for 4MP, extremely unlikely to ever do so
9: Word of command allows for circumventing the usual properties of dreams like make an eternal dream or one that does not match its holders heart. Also can swtich the aspirations of mass movements

Persona Miracle Chart
0: Sight 1 free Strike to know if people or things relate to dreams and how.
1: Blessing or curse for 0MP. Can make someone a little better dreamer or a little worse. Maybe increase or decrease the rate of nightmares by a little
2: 1MP allows for me to exist as a particular nighttime fantasy or aspiration
3: 2MP Allows for me to take on the properties of Dreams
4: 4MP allows for me to make something dreamlike
5: 4MP allows me to un-dreamlike something
5: 4MP allows me to exist as all dreams on the earth or to reach across cosmic boundries
6: Word of Command allows me to create protectors of my Estate or other alterations to the relationship to dreams
7: Even stronger dream like making for a Word of COmmand
8: Make something dreamlike not a dream even more so or a lot of things at once
9: Word of command allows for large scale guardians or other relationship altering to dreams.

Will 8/8

AMP 5/5
DMP 5/5
PMP 5/5
TMP 5/5

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