Ilkis takes the form of human likenesses - statues, pictures, graffiti, tattoos, etc. Or is human likeness. A human likeness? What he is doesn't matter. What matters is that he was always here, watching and listening. He may not be here now, but if you matter enough he will have been here for years next time you turn around. He is a spy for the things you never want to be known to, and if those things decide that you need to be contained, you will never escape.

Ilkis works for the Locust Court, and primarily connects to his domain through enforcing social barriers and Locust prison work. In his mind the function of the court is to provide obstacles for Nobles to define themselves through, and the court's corruption is an important part of that function. He enjoys watching how people react to insurmountable obstacles, and typically only spies on people facing them. It is important for people to be reminded about how confining the Rules are, and how punishing the world is when they are broken. At the same time, those who break past the barriers in their life and survive must be celebrated, and that is what has drawn Ilkis to hunt the actual. It isn't every day that you get to remind the fabric of reality about the Rules that cannot be broken. But even more intriguing is the idea that they can be broken. No actual has ever found happiness after crossing into Earth. But this one has a powerful protector and a powerful love. If any actual survives the transition, wouldn't it be this one?

Lifepath and Avatar Diagram


Mortal Skills

Spy (4)
Mind games (3)
Enforcer (1)

Attributes and Gifts


  • Is driven to be the ultimate prison (3)
  • Must bleed myths and legends (2)
  • Cannot fulfill its original purpose forever(1)
  • Must be isolated (1)

Scope: An alcatraz must be a secure prison (must be designed for many people) which is surrounded by something which further isolates inmates and would almost certainly kill you. Within literal matches for that, everything is in my domain. The broader definition that contains the edge cases is something that isolates and physically confines a group of people, and escape means death at least in a sense. Less extreme prisons and poverty could be covered here. These edge cases are only in my domain if the qualities in the definition are dominant in their life - 'prisoners' when they are acutely aware of their confinement and the hopelessness of their situation, the 'prison' itself when it is most oppressive or when escapes are being attempted, etc. Ilkis is skilled in driving people into these edge cases so they can be probed with divinations.


I was always here (5): Lesser motion of human likeness(6) Simple miracle (-1) Almost anywhere (+1) handful of applications (-2) rare (+1). I choose a human likeness (statue, picture, graffiti, tattoo, etc.) and a place. I am that, and I am there, and I have been there for a while, typically watching and listening. Alternatively, I can make immediate changes to my image that wouldn't be covered by shapeshifting. I should only be able to take one action in the past unless the narrative shifts with me (this gives me an opportunity to use will despite my high aspect and preserves the flow of the game). Motions fit in well and a built in lesser divination to know what kinds of images would be appropriate would allow me to fill in the blanks. People could normally recognize that my always being there was out of place, but my "They never notice me" affliction typically prevents that. The image remains after I leave, anchored. If an entrance is made when there are no human likenesses and someone is actively aware of the fact that there are none, my entrance might be noticed.

Shapeshifting (human likeness) (1) - Turn into statues, people in pictures, etc., make revisions to my form (add a spear, change clothes or face), or just take on some of its characteristics, taking on the size of a person in a picture or the largest statue in the area, stepping in and out of pictures, etc.

Immutable (1) - This has three main uses: I can sit in a painting for years without leaving if I have to, I don't age when I say that I was waiting somewhere for the last ten years, and my time hopping doesn't cause any paradoxes which harm me - so I can technically be in multiple places at once.

Bonds (including Anchors) and Afflictions

I am always keeping tabs on you (3) (collection: all the likenesses that I have been in the past keep me updated on what they see and hear)
I aid those who break free (1) (anchor: reserved for birds, bugs, and vermin which spy / talk for me)
If you broke the rule, you deserve the punishment (1) (Anchor: items confiscated from victims of the Locust Court. I have a lot, but only one is anchored at a time)
I act with the authority of the Locust Court (2) (Wondrous Anchor: my assistant Ivan provides me information from Locust Court records)

They never notice me (3)
The birds, bugs, and vermin are always around when I need them (1)
I'm a little worried that someone will dispute how I apply my gifts and am setting aside two points to help that out.(2)

Connections (including Anchors)

Weaver Dahli (1)



Current Wounds



Quests and XP

Emotion XP: Shiver of Wonder / Terror
Anytime quest: propose a theory about how someone works.

Quest: Variant of Science! First quest in Binding arc.
Major rewards:
you fall under the burden of the quest: something explicitly puts the problem in your hands, or you explicitly take it up (so vague…)
You devise and deploy some sort of countermeasure against the actual's corruption
You encounter Thura Kairos, Ordina, or another who cares for the actual.

Minor rewards:
Sypathizing with or assisting the actual or a victim
Spying on a Power or similarly powerful entity
Talking about how remarkable it would be for an actual to find happiness
Talking about another dangerous actual you know about
Complaining to PCs about how hard it is to hunt an actual
Reluctantly allowing yourself to be dragged away from the investigation
Reluctantly deciding to trust someone else to research / contact the actual

Will and MP

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