Paranatural Activity

A campaign about strange things in Oregon.

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Properties and Conventions

XP Actions

  • Be In Trouble
  • Decisive Action
  • Science, Faith & Sorcery
  • Wicked Action


The Town and School

  • Weirdness must be rationalised where possible
  • People are driven to extremes
  • Things are stranger than they seem
  • Actions have unexpected consequences

The Forest

  • Secrets and mysteries have power.
  • Time flows a little bit strangely.
  • You will find where you need to be before where you want to be.
  • Things are easy to hide and to forget.

The Main Players

The Supporting Cast

  • Principal Lachlan Peterson: Amiable old fellow who appears insulated from the world by about a yard of cotton wool on all sides.
  • The Not-So-Luminati: Interested in "the binding". Worried about "watchers". Keep track of "assets". Appear to have a deep-seated phobia of proper nouns and effective lighting.
  • Sunglasses: A guy with sunglasses. Seems to be some kind of dark reflection of Mr Sharpe, and connected to the conspirator known as "Mark".
  • Emerald Thorn: An emissary of the fae to the Not-So-Luminati.
  • 'Silver': A conspirator who relies on her family name in some way.
  • West: A major player in the conspiracy.
  • Pandora: An undead girl who may be connected to the conspiracy in some way, and/or a member of the Sterling family (or made from a member of the Sterling family anyway).

Notable Details

  • The Kniga Sekretov: Russian for "Book of Secrets". Best known for the Sterling translation. No complete copies are known to exist, but partial copies can be found occasionally.
  • Gnomes: Dumb, potato-faced eating machines.

XP Action Record

  • Brontes: Science
  • Cadaeic:
  • Fluorite: Science, Decisive
  • Jeremy Kopczynski:
  • Unka Josh:
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