Outside Dustup

IC Thread

Properties and Conventions

XP Actions
In Cynosure:
Shared Action - Reach out. Try to connect.
Shared Reaction - Reach out to someone doing something honest. Try to connect.
Slice of Life - React to the world. The moment sticks with you, or you get lost in the mood.
Obsessive Action - Tip over the edge into obsession, or short out and shut down mentally.

The Outside:
Just like the Outside, it’s unpredictable!


  • You can become someone new.
  • Your past will catch up with you.

The Camp Properties

The Main Players

The Supporting Cast

Pterri's Enemies

  • Zhauxmon

Points of Interest

HG Quests

Cry Me A River
1/12, anytime quest

When you put some solid, good work into helping Reggie with the River, or explain something you're doing as "helping Reggie with the River", gain an XP for this Quest!

The reward for this quest is, well, a new river, as well as some new plot hooks!

XP Action Record

  • Brontes: Obsessive Action
  • Fluorite: Obsessive Action
  • Meriss: Wicked Action
  • MorkaisChosen: Wicked Action
  • Felix: Shared Action
  • MrPrim: Shared Action
  • Zaleramancer: Suffer (Trauma)


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